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  1. nuhi thank's now i have a bootable Vista lite i did it with oscdimg.exe and a command script CLS @echo off TITLE Creating ISO Image of Miscrosoft Windows Vista ECHO. ECHO You image is now being created. Make sure oscdimg.exe is present. ECHO. ECHO Creating your ISO... oscdimg -bd:\Vista\boot\etfsboot.com -h -j1 -j2 -m -o -x-lVISTA_LITE_ES_DVD D:\Vista\ C:\VISTA_LITE_ES.iso ECHO. PAUSE EXIT now it's 100% bootable and i wonder why your program didn't make it bootable in the first hand i have used your other program "nlite" many times and it have never made a bad bootable iso with nlite , so that's why i wonder what i did wrong with vlite why i't didn't create a bootable iso
  2. please nuhi help me , i can't make a bootable iso , niether with the directburn or save it like image and then later burn it for example with nero it dont work , the iso is still un-bootable , dont know that im doing wrong , i could't in version 05 alpha and either in this version 06 beta , what can i do ? i think i make everyhing ok , what can it be ??? i test it with the RC1 and it dont get bootable also i test with longhorn server beta 2 and it don't work is it becuse it is RC1/beta ??
  3. i have a portatil computer toshiba satelite A-30 and in BIOS option there is only one option for bott ( boot from USB ) , and i have tried booting from USB-stick i have do anything wron i have revised more than 50 times everything , , so i think i cant boot from USB-stick , so i ask , , can i boot from a USB-CD-rom o from a USB-floppy unit ? toshiba satelite A-30 .... anyone know ?
  4. Mcfly000

    WinPE 2.0

    anyone have information about this , some one have the iso ?

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