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  1. Have you tried boot.wim from Windows 7 install? Maybe it will help... ;-)
  2. It won't change... I've slipstreamed by CMD's and... the same problem Windows XP Professional (Media Center v2.8)
  3. Please, use http://google.com and enter "CD 2 DVD"
  4. You mean: 1. Adding some programs 2. TuneUp Your system 3. Unattend installation of your windows 2000 So, Welcome. I hope, that this forum will help you. P.S.: I'm from Poland too. Junior.666_PL
  5. AMD Athlon XP 1700+ @ AMD Athlon XP 2400+ I'm not joking. Before, i've got these settings: FSB: 133 MHz Multiplier: 11x Now, i've got these settings: FSB: ~180 MHz Multiplier: 11x

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