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  1. well, like in http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/ i`ve created cd with nLite, so it made x:\$OEM$\ and it worked correct, but i can not guarantee because i am begginer and just started not long time ago
  2. bad what is in between wheel and the seat (it`s a translation, so if you can get that, i think you understand what it is realated to windows :DDD )
  3. well, i`ve created style like in unattended tutorial. now the style works in my windows, but there is small problem: where the saved theme saves files? because installed windows does not supports the theme. thank you
  4. ok thanks gunsmokingman, i got that;) but do i have to change shell32 with reshackers? because i`ve changed shortcuts with object desktop icon packager, so where does tnis sh.t puts them? thanks
  5. sory, but i`m a little confused. so if i`m changing icons with object dock, then i can`t put it in to cd? and about shell32.dll: maybe the changed file should be in $OEM$ folder, then it would be changed correctly? Thank You, i am new in all this
  6. have you tried Boot Editor from unattended.mfsn.org tutorial? i`ve changed bitmaps with that program
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