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  1. Hi, Currently, I am upgrading some of the computers to Windows 7, however, the group policy in Windows 2003 server used to monitor XP seems lacked. Are there is an updated version of adm file for Windows 2003 server to manage Windows 7? I know upgrading to Windows 2008 that the problem will be solved, but I want to continue using Windows 2003 server because in WDS for Windows 2008, there is no mixed mode for deployment, only native mode. In another word, I want to keep Windows XP deployment for some clients. So, any helps will be great.
  2. Thx, However, I am looking for either registry, script, or silent switch that I can do it silently because I am doing deployment.
  3. thank you so much. got it to work. Do you have the registry that enable the quick launch on windows 7?
  4. Are you using WDS to deploy? or You put them into a CD? I have everything automatic with WDS setup with following in xml. If you are doing WDS, you need 2 xml files. I have never tried to put the image into the dvd. <WindowsDeploymentServices><ImageSelection> <InstallImage> <Filename>Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Post Update.wim</Filename> <ImageName>Windows 7 SP1 ULTIMATE x64 Post Update</ImageName> <ImageGroup>Windows 7 SP1 Deployment x64 Post Update</ImageGroup> </InstallImage></InstallImage>
  5. How do you guys put the computer icon, network neighborhood icon, and IE icon on the desktop unattendedly on a fresh installed computer? WAIK, Silent Switch, or Registry?
  6. bbmak


    any portable version for
  7. It seems like they change the file name of the Avira file, avira_antivir_personal_en.exe->avira_free_antivirus_en.exe. Any update to fix that?
  8. I am using WDS to deploy Windows 7 unattended, and I want to run a batch after the installation to configure and install softwares. I use firstlogoncommands. However, it pops up the "open file - security warning." Are there anyway to bypass this warning? will setupcomplete.cmd able to install softwares?
  9. Hi, I am using Windows Deployment Service to deploy Windows 7, and I am using WAIK to do the unattended file xml. I wonder are there an option to do the runonce after the installation in WAIK?
  10. Thank you guys, I will try all your methods, and will report back later. Just wondering why MSFT not inject more drivers into the boot.wim. I thought the issue has resolved during Windows 7 b/c I have to do the same thing in Vista too.
  11. Are there a customized boot.wim for Windows 7? I am tired of injecting drivers into the boot.wim for some of my old computers. Thus, just wondering are there a custom-made boot.wim??? or are there any easy method to inject drivers into boot.wim instead of using imagex?
  12. Hi, I am using WDS to deploy Windows 7. In XP deployment, there is an option to deploy xp with classic setup look by using nLite to customize it. I want to know are this option available in Win 7 deployment too?
  13. I am new to Windows 7 and about to deploy to thousand of new computers. I just wonder what is the way to deploy Windows 7? same as Windows Vista? or are we having a new way of deployment method? We have a big change since xp -> vista. Hopefully not too much changed on Windows 7
  14. Hi, I slipstream the xp embedded to the xp installation source. So I can install to a compact flash card right away. XP Embedded SP2 Feature Pack 2007 ISO file http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en
  15. Hi, I want to know are there anyway to push nod32 xml setting to all the clients in under my network during first time installation? Nod32 V3
  16. But I heard that you can only get Native mode in Windows 2008 Server.
  17. Hi, I am just wondering can you have Windows Deployment Services-mixed mode in Windows Server 2008? I have been using mixed mode in 2003, and I want to continue using it in 2008.
  18. Can you make the Winamp player in classical skin?
  19. That's the correct line for PST. What is the clock set to in the BIOS? All the clock in bios are set to -8, which my local time. I have tested and deployed to 10 different hardware component computers, but all the them have the same problem. I did a search in the forum. My problem is same as this threat http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...p;hl=Kabul+Time
  20. Somehow after my unattended installation, my time setting shift to Kabul Time +4:30. My local time is -8:00. I have check my setting [GuiUnattended] OemSkipWelcome=1 OemSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=004 AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=NO AutoLogon=Yes AutoLogonCount=1 Anybody knows why and how to fix this problem?
  21. Hi, I am trying to use the BTS Driverpacks with my XP installation. My question is that BTS Driverpacks has a lot of sub folders. Can I just place all the sub folders in chipset drivers this directory $OEM$\$1\Drivers\000_chipset ???
  22. Pidgin 2.3.1 This is a pidgin-2.3.1 unattended add-on for nLite Changlog: * libpurple o Fixed a number of MSN bugs introduced in 2.3.0, resolving problems connecting to MSN and random local display name changes o Going idle on MySpaceIM will no longer clear your status and message. o Idle MySpaceIM buddies should now appear online at login. o Fixed crashes in XMPP when discovering a client's capabilities o Don't set the current tune title if it's NULL (XMPP/Google Talk) o Don't allow buddies to be manually added to Bonjour o Don't advertise IPv6 on Bonjour because we don't support it o Compile fixes for FreeBSD and Solaris o Update QQ client version so some accounts can connect again o Do not allow ISON requests to stack in IRC, preventing flooding IRC servers when temporary network outages are restored o Plug several leaks in the perl plugin loader o Prevent autoaccept plugin overwriting existing files Unattended Switch that I used(Desktop and Startup Menu Shortcut, English(default), and installation directory %PROGRAMFILES%\Pidgin: /DS=1 /SMS=1 /L=1033 /S /D=%PROGRAMFILES%\Pidgin Note: Made with nLite add-on maker. Tested with Windows XP Pro SP2 Only (Vmware Workstation, and Windows RIS/WDS) Download: Mirror: Filefront Mirror: Uploading
  23. During the XP installation, I receive the "virtual memory too low..." error in some computers. Are there any option in nlite that i can remove that error message from pop up? The installation went fine, but i want everything to be unattended. I guess i integrate too much addons and drivers

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