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  1. UBCD4Win already does this and I believe there is a pack based on Bâshrat's DriverPacks that you can add to your own BartPE on that site. The DriverPacks Base at some point will support this as well. One word of advice if your considering using said DriverPacks, don't bother with MassStorage. It's still not compatible enough to rely on! Actually there's a pretty simple reason for that: Very few manufacturers make their drivers so they can be read easily or compatible, often times building their driver trees (all the files and infs) in such a nonstandard way that sometimes they NEED their own
  2. To my knowledge, you can't use paths in SVCPACK.INF. I have never experimented with that. That would actually be cleaner. Change the %HFSLIP% variable so it points to your custom directory and then move all files that are installed from %HFSLIP% by HFSLIP.CMD into that folder. But it's more manual work. Yeah it is very lovely that it seems HFS places its calls into a cmd rather than in svcpack (in fact none of my SSI's were in svcpack) so that they can be manipulated easier. It's a little manual work, but at this rate what I've done is added a slightly different variable (HFSLIP2) and jus
  3. I know the machine's hosed, but since it's somewhat stable (it's not constantly crashing) I can put together using hfslip and bts driverpacks and other tools 2k and XP and 98, and not have a problem. Well, 98 may not be fully slipstreamed... or at all. LOL. Kinda just have it in there as a toy OS, and to run older stuff. Won't touch ME. Well, regarding the Linux "plunge" I've already made a few jumps in. I've got several K live CDs around and I dabble in DSL, problem is the tools I've got to run daily require windows and Wine just isn't enough. Otherwise, believe me I'd be on a mac over
  4. Really? There's no way to just go into svcpack.inf and rename the ones I put into hfsvcpack to have them in like a directory in the root of the disc? EDIT: I found hfslip.cmd, could I just modify that to add a variable to point at the folder in the root, like the OEM folder that the driver pack'll be in?
  5. Hey, question here. I've used HFSLIP to make my 2KPro source put together and it seems to have done so quite nicely. I have set it up for multiboot, and in fact it seems to be going swimmingly, but I set a number of apps into the HFSVCPACK folder, and I want to find out if I can locate those files in another directory and have both this source and another source install those apps without having two copies. This is the same sort of thing I intend to be doing later with BTS Driverpacks, but I've figured that out already I think... How can I do this with the files of HFSVCPACK?
  6. Simple answer: I'm on Win2k, so VCD CPL is out. Long answer: Well, a lot of applications won't run on my system, it's become rather crippled due to some f***ed up actions on my part -- I got a virus, then after cleaning up what I could I tried a repair install, now half my apps don't run. And won't run. Because of missing hooks and routines. lol. Thus I'm trying to build the W2k disc, and needing to move to DVD, and while I"m at it figuring I might as well just make a dualboot of that, XP, and a dozen other things while I'm at it. EDIT: Also, I'm not quite sure I understand what opening th
  7. Hey this is an awesome topic and I'm sure it's exactly what I'll need to make a perfectly good super disc, however, I'd like to know, if I have a boot.bin file I ripped using BBIE (bart's boot image extractor), what's the command instead of KERNEL /boot/sysresccd/vmlinuz1 that I can type in to get my boot.bin file to load (for example to install OS unattended). Say the file is /boot/OS/boot.bin. I'm figuring it wouldn't be KERNEL, would it be BOOT? Or is there more that is required? I read over a syslinux mailing list post on the topic and I'm lost, unfortunately.
  8. Don't mean to bump up a sleeping topic, but this seems to work for fx2002 (it did for me). Now, I ALSO have my fx install to a different directory (and different start menu directory) by way of the configuration ini file. Details: http://wiki.mozilla.org/Installer:Command_Line_Arguments Is there any way you can update SOF to include this functionality when launching the NSIS-based installer (setup.exe)? Because it would make SOF the best way to distribute all this! Thanks!
  9. I'm having some difficulty figuring out this program. For example, in AVG Free, it references an "autoavgsetup.exe". I'm not exactly sure how to find this applications as I've never seen it before. Any information?
  10. It appears, on his site, that said MS Driver Pack is at least usable as he is distributing it. As far as what I meant: Once you have used hfslip to finish making your source ready-to-go, backup the sourcess folder (in case of f***ups I presume, so you don't have to wait for all that work) then run the bashrat driverpack on that folder. Make sure to do textmode integration on it as well as normal... it seems to be self-explanatory but his forum would be best to ask questions on.
  11. To be honest I just looked at a few of the drivers, and I agree with iTwins that too many of them don't conform to the standards, I see inf files that SHOULDN"T install, but do so just fine, some that rely on their own installer applications triggered by the installation and have no way to integrate them normally... At this point I'm thinking just use Bashrat's MassStorage driverpack (after hfslip completes) and then it should go through just fine. That'll cover you on, it looks like, 85+ different MS Drivers, which covers a wider number of actual devices, well over 100, so I think that's pro
  12. Meanwhile, is it merely sufficient to put all the files from the driver folder from the disk into STORAGE? What if multiple files share the same name? Are subfolders okay? Also, just sys files or all the files? (i have one with like 10 files in it, 5 of them sys files) Thank you!
  13. Best of luck there - I gave up on that idea after seeing a number of non-standard and unusual but nonetheless valid drivers that almost put me into a mental institution. Yeah, which is why I'm trying to recall the basic format of reading the inf file and determining from it what files are needed... or would the txtsetup.oem file be more appropriate for parsing? Or both? I mean, I literally forget, since the last time I integrated drivers, what was needed .. in fact I was an id*** and to save space deleted the folder that had my integrated driver source, shortly before screaming my head
  14. Okay so HFGuiRunOnce - I hate to ask, does this make an app fit into RunOnceEX? I have a switchless silent insty that needs a component put in ROEX, and I wanted to make it easy with HFSLIP and was hoping that's what it does but want to make sure.
  15. This was a while back. I know this is really suicide for me right now (I'm rusty on my cpp) but I'm gonna try to write up a simple file parser to do exactly that. Well, it can, at certain points, perform specific commands we need it to do, at least... I hope... Wish me luck all, as I want to contribute and do well at this. If done correctly it would be easy enough to have subfolders so we can just include the drivers, and not even CARE what they are named, probably just cab them up as Userdrv<x>.whatever where <x> is an increasingly incremental number, then use the right "name
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