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  1. Hi Fiodor, version 6.21.1001 does not support 955X and ICH7R as well. Intel INF utility supports 915G/P/GV/GM/PM/GMS/910GML chipsets only, and then older 8xx chipsets. Petr Petr, I am agree, but in documentanion on version indicate support down to Intel 925X: New Features Features Added in Production Version ID Description 1 Support for the Intel® 925XE Chipset. Updated Formal Name Strings to: Intel® 925X/XE Memory Controller Hub - 2584 Intel® 925X/XE PCI Express Root Port - 2585 That’s fair for version too. Question how much this is correct for last 9XX Intel Chipsets surround’s Win98? Apparently, not quite. However, that allows to install driver of graphics card, look capture photo. FiodorWin98.zip
  2. I Have Win98SE working with 2Gbt memory ram on board. Config system.ini is: [vcache] MaxFileCache=292754 [386enh] MaxPhysPage=3C0000 In this configuration Windows 98 really see 960Mbt RAM and this enough, so do not prevent load another installed operation systems.
  3. Petr, Realy, it is happen mistake in version inf utility. Correctly version is 6.21.1001 at sept 10, 2004. I do not examination another drivers of Video Card, because for me this is enough, since time do not success install HD audio for ALC882. Fiodor
  4. Although production workers official do not support PCI-express inWin98, install some graphics card on mainboard with PCI-express is possible. I have installed ASUS EN6600SILENCER on NVIDEA GeForce6600 on mainboard ASUS P5WD2 on 955X chipset with PCI Express. At First it is necessary install support Intel Chipset ver. and than – video driver ver.77.72_win9x. This procedure must makes handle: began unpack video driver and select update driver, than display list of all the drivers and then Have Disk.

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