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  1. Did not help What do mean by tight security? It seems like the XP machine tried to "logon" through an account that has no rights .But I have only my personal Admin account on the Vista machine. You must disable the sharing password :whistle:
  2. wats that it happened after installing tweakVI and kaspersky i got a blue screen and than after restart the close button was disabled but i fixed it now with SFC /scannow on the safe mode
  3. forgot to say that i cant moove any window
  4. when i wanna close any window or aplication the close button dont work and more than that when i right click on the miniaturised aplication on the taskbar i get nothing!! so pleaz any help is welcome
  5. OOOOOOOps thanks to you finaly i found where my translation file is located c'est vrai que cherche la gloire B) je l'avoue je suis par fois bas c un reflex attendu d'un nouveau comme moi
  6. Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Hé Spark do not forget my name beside the arabic translation as i done it ok Ok this an update for the arabic language [email=http://www.kokoom.com/codestar/Pro.JPG]http://www.kokoom.com/codestar/Pro.JPG
  7. For macromedia flash 8 download the file from macromedia site install it (it s a compressed exe file) go to \WINDOWS\Downloaded Installations there you will find the msi file launch it with /Q switch

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