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  1. Hello, I'm going to make an installation with this tool. But just found a couple of mistakes in some text. In tweaks in start menu the computer has defualt in the value, and in one registry it says SPP Notification SService and another one says Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar. Just a couple of esthetically details. About the program, I have to cancel the process in the middle of the integration of a language pack and after that try to redo the process but there was an error: unable to access the image... What can I do in this case? UPDATE: After doing the process againg and deleting the folder of the tool I manage to get it in working condition again.
  2. Any news on this topic?? is there any x64 version of xpize or vize? Or even more direct, is this project still on development?
  3. nuhi: I integrated 6 language packs: Japanese, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Russian. And I do selected the option to make the bootable iso, I'm going to include the preset in the afternoon right now I'm not in my home. I'm going to make one more test with one language pack only.
  4. Yes nuhi, I clicked the apply button it taked several hours to integrate the languages packs, but, at the end of the process the option to make the cd was not available. Today I try to install vista from this disk, but then a problem appears. At the end of the firts part, before the computers restarts a message is shown: "The selected language was not installed", why is this appening? Thanks for your hard work and this is getting really good.
  5. I have installed 6 language packs and it taked like 7 hours to finish. Maybe this is a normal behavior (I hope so). Pues yo instale 6 idiomas y tardo muchisimo tiempo, empeze a las 1 de la tarde y termino a las 8. Debe ser normal o sino ya somos dos.
  6. Nuhi I had a problem. After selecting to integrate some Language packs the tab for making the iso wasn't available I had to close and re-open vLite. Is this normal? By the way I integrated 6 language packs.
  7. I have notice another chance too with the same disk, in the first boot the button in start menu next to lock is for shutting down the machine, but after I change the resolution of the screen (actually after installing the drivers) the button changes to sleep and everything works normally. Another error is that I select -6 (mexico) time, but it changes to -8 (pacific time) and I have to manually change the location on every fresh install.
  8. jamieo and nuhi this is really strange, in the first boot after the install the disk management applet doesn't load but if I make a restart it works fine. I have try 2 installs and the same thing happens in both. Maybe it's a service, but it's just in the first boot, really weird.
  9. Kalabaza

    Disk management

    Hello to everyone, does anyone know which components are needed in order to the disk management to function properly. The last disk that I have made has only 730 mb but after installing and when I try to use the administrative tools the disk management applet doesn't load, it gets stuck while loading. Thanks for your help and Nuhi vLite it's going in the right way. Last_Session.ini
  10. I've made a nLite version of Server 2003 SP2, but after the install is done, the computer stops booting and the screen with the moving bar stops and the computer doesn't finish the boot. I've included the Session file, maybe is another problem with the components I've removed. Doning right now a clean install without nLite to see if this works in the machine. LAST_SESSION.INI
  11. Maybe the Key is not for an upgrade version but just for an OEM clean install, that's why the maker gives you a recovery dvd so the system gets installed as a clean full install.
  12. Nuhi: Help was not removed and in the full version a preview was showed. And about the MUI language have you installed one while testing, maybe theres some more component needed to install them. Maybe I remove so many things, just make a full clean install and dreamscene shows the preview now, the snipping tool works, etc.
  13. Just four problems so far. 1- The snipping tool, does not start. 2- Installing MUI language packs gets an error and dont install. 3- Visual Studio 2005, the interface sometimes freeze. I have used it before to make a web project, but now it freezes (I think it's because of the Framework problem). 4- The dreamscene preview, in the window where you select the video, the explorer windows doesn't read the video (when explorer reads the contente of the file it displays a scene of the video instead of the icon). Need to make some more testing but this are the problems so far.
  14. I did removed TabletPC support and my vista is english and did't install any language pack (I get an installation error with any the language pack too). It's a clean install but some things are not working properly.
  15. There's a problem I didn't save the latest session, maybe I'm going to make another disk and then see if the problem gets fixed.

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