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    i dont really know much about computers so could someone please help me out with all the information, all i know is that i have 512 and i am going to upgrade to 1g When i go into the computer shop the shop owner will most likely help me out
  2. rat-boyJ


    Im not sure if this should go in the hardware or game's so i posted in here because its a bit of both have two computers this computer the other computer has 1gig and loads games almost instantly and my computer has 512 ram and i want to upgrade, what i would like to know is what will happen if i put in a 1.5 with a 512mg stick
  3. I cannot see the other computer at all..UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!....I wouldnt ask this question if i could see the other computer. I go into the Network places and nothing. How do i make it so that i can see the other computer, and access the other computer's files. all the files are shared, this is not the problem. Can someone please tell me how to fix this problem, it would be greatly appreciated
  4. I can connect two computers togerther, but it dosent say anything. When i start a game that is supported by LAN it allows me to play LAN. But i cant do things such as See the other computer and share software. Can someone please give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated

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