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  1. Or a nice Xmas pressie from you, to all us 'BETA' testers Give us a link then... BTW. Will be posting of a donation, as soon as I get some cash in my PayPal acct, just waiting for some sales to go through, on eBay...
  2. Thanks! BTW, Do you have any other (custom) folder icons, hiden away on your hard drive, XPero? Happy Xmas!
  3. Fodler icons are XP and looking very good. Why change? Maybe you could include little picture icons on some of the folders, like you done with the"MY Web Site'" folder icon? A download arrow (pointing downward) added to an otherwise plain folder, to represent a downloads folder would be nice...
  4. Just done a complete reinstall of 4.2 (didn't use the 'Reloader') and everything now seems to be okay. All the icons I posted about, as seeming not to have besn updated, have indeed already been updated. So, sorry about that, and many thanks, again, for all your efforts in putting XPize together - and look forward to any future updates
  5. "It is XPize not XPrize" Indeed! Whatever it is, it sure good! Win XP Pro complete (English) with SP2 and all the minor fixes that have come after - I'm right up to date, as I type. I will try a reinstall though, as someone suggested
  6. Silly thing to suggest, that I haven't got XPize installed! Why, of course I have it installed. I'm not here to play games, just trying to be helpful... I installed the XPize Beta 4.2, as a full install and left nothing out. So if some of the new icons are not showing up, then I don't see how this can be my problem...? It is XPize not XPrize "Please, dont quote big images" Wouldn't dream of it, of course...
  7. Several more (old) icons, that you may want to deal with, when you get time... Many thanks!
  8. Just went to quote the wrong message... Sorry... See below... Oooooh! I, personally, couldn’t bear to uninstall it myself, as it's way too nice...! So, I'll be leave that, to someone else...
  9. Hi XPero! Just like to say, what a great job you've done with XPize - but, then, you already knew that! Many thanks, and keep up the good work. I will be making a donation, soon...

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