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  1. I just built a self-made version for my need yesterday and I encountered this bug so I just fixed it. It's really dangerous because people who want to turn it off will and doesn't test it will have the wrong sfx then wrong exe. BTW, I have several suggestions( some already done by me locally) to you: Dialog Version I see you're actually telling dialog version apart from non-dialog version by looking for the dialog resources, in other words, the code is same. I think you may want to let user manually add dialogs to versions other than LZMA, but this is not documented. Anyway, in my self-made v
  2. Get WinDDK 2003 SP1 and use the CRT headers from it and lib (msvcrt.lib) from it. Additionally, if you have VC6, you can use the lib from it. (But the CRT header should be from DDK 2003 SP1 or Win7 DDK for bug-free).
  3. BUG on macro _SFX_USE_LANG. (Version 141_2100) main.cpp AString strSignatureBegin; AString strSignatureEnd; #ifdef _SFX_USE_LANG CreateLanguageSignature( idSfxLang, strSignatureBegin, strSignatureEnd ); #endif // _SFX_USE_LANG if( ReadConfig( inStream, strSignatureBegin, strSignatureEnd, config ) == false ) /* DANGER!!!! arg2 and arg3 not inited!!!! */ { /* BUG!!!!! NEVER REACH HERE!!! Because ReadConfig Easily Find the Signature of NULL and consider it have found the signature. */ if( ReadConfig( inStream, kSignatureConfigStart, kSignatureConfigEnd, config ) == false ) { Sfx
  4. Making the script is another thing, for example, I have to make seperate .mst's for each language pack, rather than a generic tutorial(same steps). Maybe I could give it a simple edit to support slipstreaming latest updates. Also there are many limits with the cmd command. I have added a lot of features in my pack, as you can see: 1. updates are listed out in ARP. This requires: the msp, the vbscript, then the mst. msp can't be made by cmd easily(or accurately the pcp, patch creation property), neither can the mst. 2. updated files. Should I include the updated files in the pack(if I
  5. Yes that's correct. But the blocking of KB974417 is still essential. Don't worry it's done by SNMsynth
  6. Removing __CxxFrameHandler3(MSVCRT.DLL) dependency on x64: This entry point is available in MSVCRT.DLL of Windows7 x64/Windows Srv 2008 R2, but unfortunately, it's missing in MSVCRT.DLL of Windows XP/2003 x64. After searching, I found this post: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/vssmartdevicesnative/thread/7099bc65-6d13-4651-aef2-cdb1d8bc78d7 One reply suggests: extern "C" void *__CxxFrameHandler; extern "C" void __declspec(naked) __CxxFrameHandler3(void) { // Jump indirect: Jumps to __CxxFrameHandler _asm jmp __CxxFrameHandler ; Trampoline bounce }It's good enough
  7. @geromichi & strel, I'll probably use uiautomationcore.dll and .mui from Vista(WinSrv2008)-KB971513. Why I don't that file from XP is because it breaks it's multi-lingual support, coming with built-in language resources. But I havn't done tests yet. @strel, in my test of SNMsynth, KB958484 doesn't have its files updated in .NET 3.5(files are still with build number 1), but entries are present in vs_setup.msi. I think you may applies *.msp earlier than NET35SLIMDOWN.mst. there are still other improvements that could be made, I'm not at home so I'll write later.
  8. Thanks strel, I'll check it. BTW, you missed the title: it should be 20091029, not 20090929. EDIT: OMG, so many *.mst's, I know it must be hard work. thanks again.
  9. @moons: you can use my chinese installer (link or sp3only), extract it and replace language packs with yours, then repack it. Only that SNM won't slim down 3.5 LNG pack for you, if you need it and don't understand how to do it yourself, leave a post here, I'll help you with it. @strel: can you introduce to us what the progress is for next release. I know I have written too much on it.
  10. back from tests. Removing those components can reduce the final 7-zip size by 0.8MiB around, and doesn't harm on xp/2k3 at all.
  11. I see. You don't apply KB951847 fix to windows 2000 in the SNM script....
  12. some new thoughts after I did a test on windows 2000: 1. There are some files in .NET 2.0 only needed by windows 2000, if we could remove them then the size would be smaller for XP/2k3. I decide to remove all components with condition NOT (VersionNT > 500) yet i haven't done a test yet. I'll let you know the result. EDIT: .NET 1.1 also has such files. but I don't intend to install .NET 1.1 any longer. 2. Is it possible to create a generic mst that removes components such as KBxxxxxx.ARP.NoRemove & KBxxxxxx.ARP.Add? They cause the issue that 2000/XP SP0/XP SP1/2k3 SP0 shows KBxxxxxx for
  13. I guess strel is busy IRL. If needed I can help update his script.
  14. yes, it's ok as far as it's added at any time after .NET installation.
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