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  1. lol... Lets start our own seti@home or folding@home for distributed computing of hash tables! hackers@home
  2. you forgot adequate time as well.... But no one is challenging that..... As the document says on the cover page: Obviously no password is actually uncrackable, in this document the term “uncrackable” refers to “realistically or technically uncrackable.” Please refer to the remainder of the document for more details.
  3. As of 5342: it doesn't look like it But a precomputed hash table (such as governments use ATM) *does* need to be calculated at least once... And remember, as long as it takes to make ONE table today, with this method, the government will need to spend 12,086,781x10^5 times LONGER to make a new one.... that is a hell of a long time
  4. In the wake of the AT&T-NSA Scandal, this is exactly what everyone needs: Every password today, no matter for what application or what it secures, is built on a base of 68 "letters" or characters. Some applications use less, but none use more. Brute force password cracking has become more and more viable due to the exponentially increasing power of individual machines and the even greater power of the government's cluster servers, making it now an easy and fast way of recovering any password. But there is a solution. There are more than 1000 other letters that no one knows about! With t
  5. Well, you can consider the interface and how pretty it is to be synonmous with ease of use and functionality.. You can hardly use WinPG... Yeah, this is a poll, and if the poll looks right, I make the program. It does look right I posted on other forums too... the polls were the same results, majority voting for new app, no one voted for the uberfunctional and supercool pgp desktop, and most votes went to YES and to "no idea what PGP is..." See, once you have a better looking app that is easier to use you can actually expect people to start using it!
  6. In short NeoSmart Technologies is a non-proft pure research and development company founded end of 2004... Recently we've been picking up the pace... We write security whitepapers, make nifty apps and utilities, and help out where we can We have a blog, a wiki, and a forum as well
  7. I'm sure everyone here knows what PGP is.. And I'm also sure that every knows that for Windows your only options are the ugly WinPG rip of GnuPG or PGP Desktop, the latter of which is a great application... but costs much $$$$ Would you be interested in a program that looks as good as PGP Desktop, that works as well as it or even better, and is Open Source and FREE?? Just want to know... I was looking around for something to write and then remembered how ugly and buggy WinPG or whatever its called is.. and how badly encryption needed to be made much more widely available for people to actually
  8. Can't you technically add it as a driver?
  9. Everyone familiar with the issue where MiddleClicking on a link opens the link in a new page and the current page simultaneously issue? If not, its a terrible bug... https://connect.microsoft.com/feedback/View...eedbackID=19847 Solved it NOTE MS Connect is having issues. If you get an error page, refresh a couple of times. Updates posted at Ramblings of a Computer Guru Please rate it on Connect
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