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  1. Hi all, Has this bug list been fixed in 1.0 now?
  2. Thanks nuhi. Quick question: has this buglist been fixed in 1.0? http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=74659
  3. So what's the bottom on this bug list? Sounds like to me that most of the tweaks basically dont work. Does that mean nLite is currently good for integrating service packs, drivers and RyanVM updates but we should be wary of the other tabs as they dont behave how they are supposed to?
  4. YEAH! Worked brilliantly (did I forget to mention ? Sorry). Best guide and tool I found. This thread rocks Now I want to get rid of the IDE driver if I can and just keep the SATA. That's all.
  5. I am pretty sure, that it will work with the 6.70 package, if you put all extra needed files (NVATABUS.INF, NVATA.CAT and NVCOI.DLL) into the SATARAID subfolder prior to the integration. This would even be better than the easy method with the LEGACY subfolder, because you have the CAT files present, which enforce the correct installation of the drivers (SYS files). If you want to do the same with the package 6.82, there is only one problem: Within the newest nForce chipset driver packages you won't find a file named NVATABUS.INF (but a very similar file named NVATA.INF within the SATA_IDE subfolder). If you copy this file into the SATARAID subfolder, the necessary driver NVATABUS.SYS - although it is present in the SATARAID folder - will not be found by the installation routine, because the NVATA.INF points to a driver named NVATA.SYS, which is not present within the SATARAID folder. In this case you have 3 options to get a correct installation of all needed SataRaid drivers: 1) You copy both NVATA files (NVATA.INF and NVATA.SYS) from the SATA_IDE into the SATARAID subfolder (I am not sure, if it works, because the "normal" name for the nForce Sata Controller driver layed down in the SIF files is "NVATABUS.SYS"). 2) you open the NVATA.INF with the editor, search for "NVATA.SYS" and rename it to "NVATABUS.SYS" or 3) you take a NVATABUS.INF from another chipset package (if you want you can edit the correct driver version and date). Hope, that this is help enough. CU Fernando Thanks Fernando. Will see what I can do.
  6. I have never tried the 6.82 driver package (because I don't have a SLI 2x16 mainboard), but I suppose, that you should do the following:Copy the files NVATA.INF, NVATA.SYS, NVCOI.DLL and NVATA.CAT from the SATA_IDE into the SATARAID subfolder. Then you can integrate the content of the SATARAID subfolder as Textmode driver by using nLite. If you are a little bit anxious, put the content of the SATARAID subfolder (with the added files) onto a floppy disk and try to install Windows XP by using the F6 method. If your Raid array is correctly detected, you can stop the installation and create your bootable XP CD with integrated nForce SataRaid drivers by using nLite. Good luck! Fernando Dave or Fernando, can anyone confirm the suggestion above works please? I am very interested to use this 6.82 SATARAID driver package for my regular nForce4 AMD. Some people claim in the Nvidia forums that this driver package does not generate the data corruption issues on SATA/IDE transfers that are reportedly created with older packages. I have a feeling that since there is no Legacy folder in there, this newer package might have cleaner SATA and/or IDE drivers. I'd like to try slipstreaming with this driver version, ie without using anything in the Legacy folder. Fernando, you said 'I suppose you should do the following: Copy... and then integrate content of SATARAID' Are you positive this works with the 6.70 maybe? If so, I'll try it on 6.82 tonight.
  7. Hi all, Complete noob on Unattended Install here. This thread is great , and exactly what I am looking for (no floppy on my Shuttle) but very long now .. I apologise if I am asking for a clarification already answered earlier. I have a shuttle SN26P with an Nforce4 SLI chipset and running 2 WD SATA drives in RAID0. CD/DVD drive is plugged in IDE port. I want to reinstall from scratch with a slipstream CD, and since I dont have a floppy... I have to get it right first time or I'll be in trouble. So... just to be sure I get it right, in post #1 with the instructions, I find something slightly confusing. It says that if we choose to use the SATARAID folder, we have to copy the NVATA.INF, NVATA.SYS, NVCOI.DLL and NVATA.CAT. Now, I am not going to use the SATARAID folder, I am going to trust Fernando 1 and use the LEGACY folder of 6.70 but just to be sure: Can you confirm it is normal that there is no NVATA.INF, NVATA.SYS or NVATA.CAT in this LEGACY folder? Also, in the LEGACY folder there is no NVRAID.CAT file but there is one in the SATARAID folder. Not needed either when using LEGACY folder for integration? (am just slightly confused since in one case with SATARAID it seems we need those, in the other with LEGACY they supposedly are not needed since they are not there). Thx.
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