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  1. Hey there. Im facing a weird problem. I made an unattended Win 7 Ultimate 64x setup using both RT7Lite and Reverse Integration. Everything's perfect, except by the fact if I try to use SetupComplete to install some applications, it starts the installations but after some minutes it skip right to the last one - which is reboot. What can be wrong? The same thing happens even if I tell it to run a sleep AutoIt script
  2. hey there Its possible to export or convert a Windowblinds theme to msstyle format? I want to integrate it in my unattended setup but I dont find a way to this...
  3. Simple question: Why my Sata hard disks arent shown in the same order as their Sata ports? I mean, why the HD connected to port 4 is listed as the first hard disk? Also why seems that Windows 7 setup changes HDs order if the controller is in AHCI instead of Sata? Its pretty boring to not know which letter they will receive before hand, specially in an unattended setup... Tks
  4. Im trying to 'manually' customize Windows 7 to make it look like OS X Lion. Actually Im trying to find what I need to edit to change the minimize, maximize, close buttons and how to move the taskbar to the top in a unattended install Tks!
  5. Orsi

    Setup in AHCI HDD

    It installed perfectly now. Guess I set something wrong before
  6. Hey there. I always installed Win7 in a RAID or SATA partition, but now Im using 5 SATA HDDs + 1 SATA DVD and my mainboard only accepts 6 drives if its in RAID or AHCI mode. But if I try to install Windows in an AHCI partition it takes too long to find the disks and after they're found Windows says I cant install it in that drive, even if I load nForce drivers. It really sucks to install it in SATA to later enable AHCI support in a installed Windows like I were using Windows 95... What can I do to solve this problem? A driver injection would do the trick? Tks
  7. setupact.log only shows some registry errors, which is also weird since I havent touched it
  8. Im trying to integrate Norton 360 and Nero 10.5 in my Windows 7 Ultimate x64 setup. All updates and some apps (7zip, ImgBurn, RegShot and WinRar) are properly integrated, but after I integrate Norton 360 5.0, Nero 10.5, rebuild and test it with VMWare I get the " Windows could not finish configuring the system. To attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer" error message after the Setup 1st boot. Can this be solver or its impossible to integrate one of those apps? Tks
  9. I got it from the official site a long time ago. Looks like its removed - at least from its site
  10. Im using Restorator 2009, the problem is that I cant find where those last images r stored
  11. Sorry Tripedacus Guess I found where my problem was, but got a new one I cant find where to change the background in the sysprep phase... I read that I also need to change install.wim > Windows\System32\oobe\ooberesource.dll but I cant find this file anywhere, not even in the SysWOW64 folder (im using Win7 x64)
  12. Ok guys... I edited every spwizimg.dll a thousand time. Everything always worked perfectly - until now. The problem is with the Win7 SP1 - boot.wim #2 > sources\spwizimg.dll file I replaced 517-518 files with Restorator 2009 and got this: Why the window background is changed? As far as I knew the 517-518 entries should change the whole setup background, not the windows' one
  13. Im trying to install Samsung Kies with the /s /v"/qn" switch. I works perfectly until the following error appears: "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Program: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\regsvr32.exe This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information." after that the setup stops. How can I solve this Visual C++ error? Is there an update or trick to fix it? tks
  14. Hello again. Two questions about Windows Remote Desktop: 1- Which services must be kept to keep it working properly? 2- How to setup it through registry? Tks (again)
  15. How to re-compress it and make it work as before (without the toolbar)? idrive is a different software - not related to nero. Im trying to find a way to avoid its launch
  16. Its driving me crazy... I know that Nero can be installed with the /s /v"/qn" and IDrive with /VERYSILENT /SP- switch, although Nero shows that **** Ask Toolbar license agreement and IDrive app launches after its installed. Is there anyway to avoid these things? I tried to build a Nero's custom setup but it didnt worked for me...
  17. Maybe. I installed nVidia nForce, GeForce, webcam and printer. nVidia's r too big for my taste... I'll restart and integrate them with rt7
  18. I tried to clean it again but dism says that no backup files were found
  19. Guess I did something wrong... I installed SP1, hotfixes, IE9 and drivers, cleaned it up and captured but the install.wim image is 3.915.748 KB big (the original is 2.687.20 KB). Hadn't it became to big (I used dism's maximum compression option)?
  20. Tks g I installed Win 7 in a secondary partition, installed SP1 and all hotfixes, then I tried to clean SP1 backup files with both Dism and Disk Cleanup, which only pretended it was deleting the files. So I generalized the system, came back to the main Windows partition, built the customized install.wim and tried to clean the previous files with "dism /image:F:\install.wim /Cleanup-Image /spsuperseded" - everything I got was error 267. What I did wrong again? ================== Guess I should have cleaned the offline Win before I built its image
  21. hello again. I finally finished my unattended DVD but it takes too long to install some apps like .NET 4 and DirectX, so Im looking for find a complete (or almost) guide to do it with reverse integration method. Theres a lot of Vista guides (which dont use VHD) and posts about this but none of them r complete and flawless. Anybody can help me with this? Tks
  22. Hey there, anybody knows how to silently install Trillian 5.0 or which installer it uses? InstallShield, NIS, INNO, MSI?
  23. Just want to share what I searched a lot and finally found it. The tag to silent install a Norton 2011 software (NAV, Norton 360 and probably NIS) is /qr pretty simple, isnt it? Dont forget to insert the serial afterwards and you´re done, else it will run 45 days limit trial mode. The switch to Logitech Setpoint is /s, theres no need to extract the executable file, use this swtich right in the downloaded file
  24. I changed what ricktendo64 instructed but the same problem happens... 2 themes with the same Gothic name, even if theres only one gothic.theme file Bellow is the theme file code: ; Copyright © Microsoft Corp. [Theme] ; Windows 7 - IDS_THEME_DISPLAYNAME_BR DisplayName=Gothic ; Computer - SHIDI_SERVER [CLSID\{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}\DefaultIcon] DefaultValue=%SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-109 ; Documents - IDI_MYDOCS [CLSID\{59031A47-3F72-44A7-89C5-5595FE6B30EE}\DefaultIcon] DefaultValue=%SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-123 ; Network - SHIDI_MYNETWORK [CLSID\{F02C1A0D-BE21-4350-88B0-7367FC96EF3C}\DefaultIcon] DefaultValue=%SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-25 ; Recycle Bin - SHIDI_RECYCLERFULL SHIDI_RECYCLER [CLSID\{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}\DefaultIcon] Full=%SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-54 Empty=%SystemRoot%\System32\imageres.dll,-55 [Control Panel\Cursors] AppStarting=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_working.ani Arrow=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_arrow.cur Hand=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_link.cur Help=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_helpsel.cur No=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_unavail.cur NWPen=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_pen.cur SizeAll=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_move.cur SizeNESW=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_nesw.cur SizeNS=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_ns.cur SizeNWSE=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_nwse.cur SizeWE=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_ew.cur UpArrow=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_up.cur Wait=%SystemRoot%\cursors\aero_busy.ani DefaultValue=Windows Aero Crosshair= IBeam= Link= [Control Panel\Desktop] Wallpaper=%SystemRoot%\Web\Wallpaper\Gothic\10.jpg TileWallpaper=0 WallpaperStyle=10 Pattern= [VisualStyles] Path=%SystemRoot%\resources\Themes\Aero\Aero.msstyles ColorStyle=NormalColor Size=NormalSize ColorizationColor=0 Transparency=1 Composition=1 VisualStyleVersion=10 [boot] SCRNSAVE.EXE= [MasterThemeSelector] MTSM=DABJDKT [Sounds] ; IDS_SCHEME_DEFAULT SchemeName=@mmres.dll,-815 [Slideshow] ImagesRootPIDL=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 Interval=10000 Shuffle=1 [Theme.A] [Theme.W] DisplayName=Gothic Whats wrong with it? Is there a most efficient way to integrate a theme besides the simple "mount, copy and commit" way?

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