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  1. Also it would be nice to query some foreign server (like driveragent.com ) for the absent drivers, and then download them on-the-fly. Or we could create a special server with driver database for that.
  2. cdimage makes broken iso or I'm doing something wrong

    Edited Oct.4: 2.47, I tested it with native cdimage.exe and with cdimagegui beta 3 that has cdimage 2.47 I found a simple way to reproduce it: I make iso image from three files of 1 mb each with two different software: cdimage.exe and mkisofs. I user the following keys (that I dig out from hflip script): CDIMAGE.EXE -l"WinXP-SP2" -h -j1 -m -bcdroot\boot.bin cdroot "cdimageiso.iso" mkisofs -relaxed-filenames -d -D -N -R -J -jcharset cp1251 -no-emul-boot -no-iso-translate -boot-load-size 4 -b "boot.bin" -o "mkisofs.iso" -V "WinXP-SP2" cdroot First (cdimage) iso image size is 3352576 bytes. Second (mkisofs) iso image size is 3670016 bytes. Then I mount iso image to virtual cd drive and check disk with nero cd-dvd speed scandisk tool. First (cdimage) image ends exactly at the last file, second (mkisofs) image has a blank space (a few green squares) after the last file. The images are attached. I came across a workaround during this posting. I get a dummy file of 300kb, issue a command copy /b cdimageiso.iso + /b dummyfile cdimageplus.iso and I receive cdimageplus.iso file of the same extra length. It seems to mount to virtual drive ok and nero check shows a good picture. Edited Oct.14: I burned cdimageplus.iso ok with Nero7, it works fine, windows setup goes ok. Nero cd/dvd speed scandisk shows a nice picture (like the right one attached). However it is a mystery for me where I'm wrong
  3. First of all thank you TommyP and all people who created and supporting hfslip project. I make slipstream iso image with hfslip and cdimage. Then I record iso image with nero7. The problem is that last files on the cd is not reading correctly. I use Nero cd-dvd-speed test, scandisk option to check the disk and I see many green (ok) sectors, then a few yellow (bad) sectors near the end and finally one red (broken) sector at the end. That's ok except this my disk contains files inside all those yellow sectors. Other disks (created internally in nero for example) have last file before yellow sectors (10-12 sectors before, inside green area), and that's is normal. Also I tried to record that iso with Alcohol 120% and it gave me an error during burn process. I know these workarounds: 1. open iso image in UltraISO and "Save it as...", new iso can be burned ok. 2. (create iso with nero from files) I can't use that workarounds: I need to use cdimage optimization feature (I have several configuration of the same OS on the disk). UltraISO optimization feature too too slow and gives larger disks. Can anyone give me a hint of what is happening ? Also it would be a help if I know how cdimage sorts files during compilation of iso ? (so I can arrange a dummy file or appropriate length and put it at the end of the disk) p.s. Excuse me if I asking for well-known problem. I tried search with "cdimage" query and had many pages of results, then "+cdimage +broken", "+cdimage +sort" with no success. Also google said me nothing usefull
  4. How to boot/install from USB key ?

    Greetings and thanks to jaclaz and porear who started that work, to ilko_t who joined later, to cdob who added drops of spices (as wise advices in right moments) and to Halfwalker who started that topic I found out that MsDosInitiated parameter influences $WIN_NT$.~?? directories deletion. I.e. if you change \windows\system32\$win_nt$.inf file this way before GUI portion of setup: \windows\system32\$win_nt$.inf [s]msdosinitiated = 1[/s] msdosinitiated = 0 then $WIN_NT$.~?? directories will not be deleted after setup. So you may avoid directory renaming. Though read-only stick protection is still necessary: I failed to use that msdosinitiated trick for text portion of setup Windows refuses to search for files at hdd and asks for setup cdrom.