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  1. I think, i will agree that i have not seen a BSOD in a long time, that was not somekind of hardware failure. and i work as an IT geek in a very large shop... -Nex6
  2. I think it does make the diffence. altho, i still like PC games. but i find now more and more i just play the xbox for my 'fix' and the fact that my kids use the PC alot.... and i am left to my laptop. (amd mobile 800mz 512 ram and intel video card) -sucks for gaming... -Nex6
  3. I am a long time IT geek. I have also had a pretty good gaming PC. even now, my PC is a P4 3.0 /w ATI 256 ram video and 1 Gb ram PC.... its more of the time, i have for games now. and the fact the a console is a little bit more relaxing sitting back on my recliner and bigscreen. I have also played computer games and console games, altho PC games have always been more so, I just think now with consoles and a nice chair its more relaxing. -Nex6
  4. How many of you play less "PC games" then you used to and now play "mostly" a console. I was thinking, when i was younger and less gainfully employed I was a gaming freak. now that I am a little older I have far less time for games but: I love my xbox so Most of my gaming "fix" i get on my xbox. there i can be comfortable in my chair and se the action on my bigscreen. as I thought about it, i play far less "PC games" now and when i do play a game it tends to be a console. /note: santa brought jade empire.... hehe -Nex6
  5. Cisco Pix is the way to go if you can, sonic wall is not bad i have intsalled it for a few clients and it works pretty good and the prices are not to bad. if you are really pressed for cash and need free, enterpirse class FW like I said above openBSD with pf or linux with iptables, tho its pretty hairy to setup if you are not into *nix(Unix and or linuxs) -Nex6
  6. is this for a small network? or for an ISP, that provides dsl,dial up etc? I sonicwall is pretty decent firewall, depending on what you really want. and how many users, how much traffic etc are all factors. if your inclined openBSD with PF or Linux with iptables is pretty cheap, tho not easy to setup. and both can handle pretty advanced configs and heavy traffic. money no object cisco pix, is pretty good -Nex6
  7. wow, i used to do alot of consulting. (I have a full time gig now and don't have the time) I broke it down acording to what i was doing like so: basic workstation stuff: 50$ hour workstation work with networking or advanced trouble shooting: 75$ hour servers/networking:125$ security/programing:150$ for house calls to normal people sometime i do a favor for 25 an hour for basic PC work. but i did mostly companys and the like... -Nex6
  8. I guess, the next cert would depend on what direction in IT you really want to take. look over the Microsoft certs and see whuch ones apply for the direction you really want to go in. -Nex6
  9. Certifactions do help, becuase its very hard for an employer to know what skills people have etc. so the 2 ways they have are: experence and certs. and having Certs never hurt anyone, all they can do is help. and the A+ is a good first one to get, once you pass that one consider getting one or two more and then just work on building experence. -Nex6
  10. This is NOT another F&^K up, if anytime you mess with system compont folders and regkeys your asking for trouble. This ONLY effects people who messed with there ACL on the %windir%\registration folder. i pushed out this patch to 2000+ PCs already and have zero issues. http://blogs.technet.com/msrc/archive/2005/10/14/412537.aspx -Nex6
  11. you need to be a local administartor to install software. either ask you r admin, or ask for admin rights -Nex6
  12. couple of points: 1: log on as another user and see if the same thing happens (freshly created) 2: how much ram and cpu is being used vs what is available 3: run ad aware, and run a Virus checker. 4: run chkdisk and defrag 5: try it in safemode what happens? -Nex6
  13. gpedit.msc create a local policy, and modify it there. -Nex6
  14. Rhelic: Here here.. I lot of ppl spread FUD and myths about just about every OS, its the ignorant people that do this. -Nex6
  15. If your trying to override group Policy, weather local or domain based the answer is most likey no. but: a little more info about what your trying to do and why its "blocked" would ne helpful. -Nex6

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