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  1. Hi I have created a unattended.txt of XP which is being installed via WINNT.exe (Connect to server by network floppy disk) Everyyhing work great as I am sending via the $oem$ folder all the setup i require to build XP once installed (Office 2007,Drivers, etc). However i now hit a problem in that i am creating a 4Gb FAT 32 partition using GDISK and now that my I386 folder of XP has grown to 1.9Gb windows will not install (Come up with a message of Windows did not detect enough free disk space .....). I think it may be a limit with WINNT.exe however has anyone created a unattended install of XP that with all additional software is bigger than 2GB?
  2. Hi lads Just wondering wether anyone know of a 16bit menu laucher app that will run in DOS. The company i work for load ghost images over the network the client pc connects via a dos network boot disk to a server running win2003 and run a file call start.bat. the bat file basically is menu system which navigate you to the correct ghost image. Although this works i am wondering wether there is a gui application that can do the same thing.
  3. Hi Rakesh what were you able to remove. I am in the process of trying stripping out dll's and exe's but having problems reducing the size to what i like it to be. Basically i trying to get the winpe with network running on a pc with 256mb. I am pxe boot and loading the Winpe image into memory so space is really important.
  4. Hi Guy Done it Change the buttons to a combo box. Open the wizard.hta and cut this in place of the one already there. (i have tried to upload this as well) Sub enumDirs Dim colSubfolders, objFolder, fileName 'enumerate folders in images folder Set colSubfolders = objWMIService.ExecQuery _ ("Associators of {Win32_Directory.Name='z:\'} Where AssocClass = Win32_Subdirectory ResultRole = PartComponent") 'create html buttons from each folder name strBody = strBody &_ "<select size='1' name='DropDown1'" For Each objFolder in colSubfolders fileName = objFolder.fileName strBody = strBody &_ "onchange='enumImages(DropDown1.value)'><option value = '"&Filename&"'>"&Filename&"</option>" Next 'post resulting html body to document strBody = strBody & "</select size><BR><BR><HR><BR>" body.innerHTML = strBody End Sub
  5. vickerps

    Shrink PE2.0?

    This topic is great just what i been looking for. My problem is that i am adding my winpe.wim image to WDS so that i can load the image through PXE rather than using a CD-ROM. The problem i have is that WDS take all compression away when it add the .wim file. For example my winpe.wim file created with maxium compression via imagex is 101mb when i add this to WDS is report back that it is 300 mb. Anyone know how to tell WDS to keep the compression. The problem this causes is that the winpe image will not run correctly on anyless than a PC with 512mb. I am now looking into removing unwanted apps in the winpe.wim itself.
  6. Thanks for the reply but i don't think i made myself clear. I still need the option to support a PXE method. I have a custom Winpe image that work great on machines with 256mb of mem in but i now need a method for machines with less than 256mb. I have another program (Shareware) called Tftp32.exe that works great in the fact it allow you to send down via PXE a network boot disk image to the client PC. The thing i don't how to do is have both WDS and the shareware both up and running at the same time. That why i was wondering wether it is possible to store a network boot image through WDS. Hope this make sense.
  7. Hi I have sucessfully setup a WDS server that houses many images. I have also created a winpe image that is on the WDS menu. I can successfully load into the winpe image and then send whatever image i want down to the pc without a problem. However the problem i have is not all PCs have the necessary memory to load the Winpe image. For machine that have less than 128mb of memory i need an alternative. However I still want to use PXE. Is there a way to create a network boot disk and add it to WDS server as an option in the menu?
  8. Ok I have another Q. I would like to change the Buttons being generated by the folder name (HP, DELL, ETC)to be a dropdown list box. the reason for this is that i have a lot of folders which makes way to many buttons. Anyone help me with this as i am only just learning the HTM coding
  9. Thanks for the reply I have found the util your talking about on the custom winpe image disk. I was looking at the development level (while creating the PE image) which is the i could find it. I have however tried the code you give me which reports back the it the command completed successfully however my keyboard layout is still in US. Least i have somthing to work on know Thank for the heads up
  10. Hi having problems point to the path of my ghost32.exe I have a mapped drive f:\ which contain ghost32.exe I edited the line <Button id=ghost onclick=doTask('"%programfiles%\ghost8\ghost32.exe"')>Ghost</BUTTON> to <Button id=ghost onclick=doTask('"f:\ghost32.exe"')>Ghost</BUTTON> This doesn't work. I am new to this kind of coding can anyone help please
  11. Hi First of all well done with this exactly what i have been looking for. I am trying to get this to run in full screen without any joy. I have edited the wizard.hta and set it to Fullscreen but this dosn't do anything? Update Sorted it you need to set it to WINDOWSTATE=maximize
  12. Hi I have created a winpe image using the OPK however the keyboard is set as US layout is there a way to change it to UK
  13. Hi Having a problem with window XP sp2 When i try to open a file e.g (text file) windows XP takes about 30 seconds to opening the file. Also if i try to right click on any file the contents menu also take about 30 second to appear. The problem only seem to be with files; folders opening normally and if i right click on my computer or network places for example the contents menu come back straight away. I have install microsoft antispyware on and the latest dat of mcaffe on to see if there where and viruses, trojans or spyware on my system but all results came back clean. However this machine doesn't have any internet access anyway so i expect there to none. anyone got any ideas
  14. Does anyone know of a way to apply group policies (GPedit.msc) without it affecting the Administrator account. At the moment i am having to use poledit.exe which was a way on NT4 machines however there isn't as many restrictions.
  15. Thanks for that. it was the repartition = No and Use wholeDisk=No that i was missing. It not truly automated but i can live with it. then again if i was loading 50+ i would have to rethink that. I think Bill needs to get his finger out of his butt and add some line so that you can setup partions in the answer file.
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