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  1. All fonts are fine, except the Calibri one...
  2. As these two images show, on certain titles the text gets cut off... Lenght doesn't seem to matter, since "Worms 4" is cut off and "Worms Armageddon" isn't. Same for "Stash" and "Stuff", and the "Type" column when it's the selected one. I can't find the reason why this is so. I am using the default english version of Windows XP, SP2, and only have XPize installed for the UI modifications (the uxtheme pach comes from there). The problem arises on any VS, and even on classic. The text also doesn't unwrap when the icon is selected... If anyone could pinpoint the problem, i would be very grateful.
  3. Punio4

    XPize Mods released

    I am using LE5 black... Does it have that option?
  4. About the XPize mods... How will they be applied? Will they be seperate downloads, or be included in the next version? Also, what are they going to customize specifically?
  5. i am waiting for the LE5 mod ^^ Just noticed something... **** the fedora cursors look nice with LE5 Black The exact same gradient
  6. So i can use the following tweak^^ http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=64193&st=0 if anyone knows about some, please post ^^
  7. Punio4


    *BUMP* If noone will do it, could someone just please tell me how to include icons in a *.dll?
  8. IMHO, takes up too much of the taskbar (over 3x the default) for littelary no gain... you can see that info on a mouseover... :/
  9. Punio4


    Could someone please edit the iColorfolder's xp theme so that it includes all xpero's special folder icons? [EDIT] I can't find the icon with the arrow (the same one used in the new eMule skin)
  10. So... is there any way to make a compact start menu using windows classic?
  11. Punio4


    Im almost 100% sure that it will suffer from the same problem as XP So this is pretty early to ask, but i wanted to know

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