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  1. Whats your ISP?

    Shaw cable in Canada. 29.99 for the first six months.
  2. Hello!New girl....

    welcome from a fellow noob
  3. Win98/ME/2000/XP Boot CD

    This has apparently been done - I saw a multi-os cd for download some time back on a file sharing program. How to do it is another question I would assume you would have to make a root directory for each os and use some sort of third party software to allow the choices of which os to install?
  4. Collections

    Other than the cds that become coasters definately computer parts - they are everywhere lol
  5. How do you like your steak?

    I like to give it a final whack before eating it - so ya still bleeding mmmmmm
  6. Internet Access by User Group

    If you are interested in third party software, cyberpatrol seems to do what you are wanting to accomplish.
  7. Make a partition/format happen

    Very nice guide
  8. Internet Access by User Group

    I dont think that is possible without the advanced features of server software - ie group policy and so forth :/
  9. Make a partition/format happen

    The key part was: Repartition=Yes . And all is good
  10. Make a partition/format happen

    No you are not rude (unless you knew the answer ) - I looked through everything and did not see anything helpfull at first... I found my answer within a nice winnt.sif program.
  11. I have looked everywhere and cannot find out how to make my xp unattended install automatically re-partition/format my drive. Everything is great if I install to a formatted machine - but if there is something on the disk or the disk is partitioned, then I am prompted. I want the winnt.sif i put on my cd to just format the disk completely. Also, I wouldnt mind maybe branding my disk to display something on the setup screens while the install is taking place. Is that possible? Does anyone have a good link for additional unattended commands?
  12. hello

    I am working on a current project and found this site through a google search There is alot of great information here, so decided to sign up. Hopefully I can contribute back to this community