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  1. I run Win x64. I was also trying to get MS to give me a downgrade since there were no x64 drivers for my Oki C5300n page printer. The last thing MS told me to do was fill out a form they emailed me and fax (why not email?) it back. This was about a month ago and I haven't heard a thing. But I stopped pursuing it because I decided to try something I had done in the past (and forgotten..duh). I installed an x64 driver from the x64 install (manual selection using the 'Add Hardware' wizard) for a similar printer, the C7200. That worked like a charm. I still have no drivers for my scanner; but I can do without that since I rarely have need for it. And I still have no anti-virus software that supports real time detection (I do a manual scan every so often). I do use Windows firewall and MS Antispyware.
  2. SSSSHHHHHHH! My PC is looking over my shoulder ..
  3. Don't the BIG BANANAS like NORTON count ? I would guess McAffee has a utility to do it too ...
  4. Willing to bet that you will have to purchase a subscription .... but I don't know either. But consider this, Windows XP already has a firewall. In addition a free one-year subscription for Computer Associate's (CA) quality EZ antivirus is available here: http://www.my-etrust.com/microsoft/
  5. Click on start/search/files and folders. Enter 'documents' and awaaay you go ...

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