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  1. @pS-

    I agree with mr.brownstone, but I think the icons on the left could be buuf'ed aswell :)

    Nonetheless a nice desktop :)

    I dont like to use many apps to customize me computer, just avedesk and cd art display. But thanks for the comment anyways.

    @pS-: As always a very beautifull desktop........I would like to be your computer.


    haha, you would be kinda hot but you would look great though.

  2. @pS --- try Y'z Toolbar. It's pretty light and simple. I threw a shortcut into the startup folder for it, didn't see in it an option for starting with windows. I didn't find too many skins. found this list but the email address is dead now. I searched for aluminum_alloy on a couple sites to no avail. :(

    Oh yeah; it doesn't install. it runs as a .exe but it only works under WinXP Home and Pro. The ReadMe says "Caution: Does not change the Outlook Express toolbar." I have no idea why it says "caution", but I don't use OE.

    Thanks, i didnt know this was a standalone app. Im gonna use it now. :)

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