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  1. Hey,

    I wanted to test the "Restore" feature of my Bios, which means if anything is wrong it will automatically go back to previous settings.

    So i changed a few things in the bios and pressed "save and exit"

    Now windows doesnt boot :(

    So i try and go back into the bios to change back the settings, but i can even access the bios anymore.

    I dont have a floppy drive to create a boot disk.

    So what do i do?

  2. Not bad, but not a great deal either...


    It's not a perfect system either, but this is a pretty fast system compared to the other one, and it's cheaper. For 965$ I'd expect more. You can save even more if you look for specials and assemble it youself (quick and easy)

    They have a X2 3800+ EE system rather similar to the one you've quoted too, for 740$ too, but you're hardly saving anything over the Core 2 Duo really... But it's still 225$ cheaper than the one you posted, for something almost identical Linky

    Cool, your post helped me a lot. Made me question my product. I have a few questions although:

    1) Is this one better than mine, video card wise? (nevermind the intel duo)

    2) All these prices are in CDN, but are the prices including taxes?

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