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  1. FYI: The kernel in windows vista will be upgraded to the one windows 2008 server uses when its released. So theres really no reason to run 2k8 as a desktop... besides, running evaluation versions isn't gonna cut it long term obv. and buying it would only because you didn't have any other ways of spending your money.
  2. DesktopProcess and SeperateProcess

    Awesome. Thanks for the fast and helpfull reply, I think I learned something today :-)
  3. DesktopProcess and SeperateProcess

    I found a post in the unattended forum about some registry tweaks and was all like: "wow, this could be usefull". But when I started digging in the reg files that was provided, most of the performance tweaks were already set in a clean install of Windows XP SP2 + Windows Updated. But I came across two keys, namely DesktopProcess and SeperateProcess. Searched Tech-Net, but found only info on DesktopProcess, and that it was only for Windows 2000. So my question is this: Are those keys totally irrelevant in terms of performance gains in todays Windows XP? (Noting that I'm not using other shells to replace explorer.) Thanks in advance.
  4. BootServerReply Hacking

    FYI After seeing this thread I created an advisory case at Microsoft, in order to get some confermation on where to look inside that binary file. The place you are finding the IP adress is indeed the correct location, as confirmed by the MS technichian. But those two keys were never ment to be used for anything other than MS's own debugging, as I have been told directly by one of the engineers behind Windows Deployment Services, so... It's up to you if you wan't to continue to use this information "as is", because it's in the greyzone as to what MS would provide support for, in the event of 'whatnot'.
  5. The Net Shell got me thinking.

    I started poking around in 'netsh' today, just to see what was possible. And some neat commands popped up. So I started to look around on Google and Microsoft to see if there were any documentation on how to manipulate the network on a Windows XP box, but to my dissapointment, I couldn't really find any usefull information. So I want to ask you guys and girls in here. Have anyone of you ever tried setting up an XP as a router or even a firewall. Or do you know of anyone who have tried it. And ofcourse, I am thinking of XP acting like a SOHO router that you could buy in your local computer store, that enables portforwarding and a DHCP solution for your network. Best regards.
  6. LDAP in Win PE 2.0

    EDIT: After turning on my brain, I got it to work by using your example matt. However, you have to edit the SOFTWARE hive in offline mode, because the WinPE regestry is locked when the OS is running, thus you can't just run a .reg file and hope that it would work. And, its not even needed to register the added dlls, it just works.