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  1. Info-Zip can also take advantage of LFNs if you install the DOSLFN driver.
  2. Ack... iTunes. >_< Worst music player ever invented and overhyped. Just get EphPod, works fine for me on Win98/XP/2003 (the ones I've used it on)
  3. Or without needing .NET, either get IrfanView (mostly a viewer, but with simple editing capabilities) or GIMP (full Photoshop replacement)
  4. QEMU's going to be the fastest you can get... but you can't run KQEMU (NT4/2000/XP/2003 only) Not many people actually want virtualisers on Windows 9x, that's why there are none.
  5. It's basically just a recompilation of the operating system for IA-64 or x86_64 (depending on which way you go). Not much there... x86_64 is backwards-compatible with the 32-bit x86 instruction set, but you can't run x86 applications on IA-64. If you rely on non-Microsoft software, the likelihood of finding Windows applications for those two architectures is small, but if you compile your own apps, you shouldn't have a problem.
  6. Whoa... so many misconceptions here. 1. Open source software can in fact be sold. 2. Open source/free software can in fact be developed and shipped commercially (eg, GNU Ada) 3. Linux is not an operating system, it is a kernel. The operating system commonly called "Linux" really is GNU/Linux 4. Linus only developed Linux, not the whole GNU/Linux operating system; in fact, he hasn't done anything outside of the kernel! the GNU operating system started in 1983, 1991 was only the date that Linus plugged his kernel (Linux) into the GNU operating system. Linux is not the official GNU kernel, and that's why the resulting operating system is called GNU/Linux instead of just GNU. 5. Linux is not based off of any Unix code. Likewise, GNU for the most part doesn't have any Unix code either, except in cases where it has become public domain or free software, which is rare but it has happened and sometimes been incorporated into GNU (eg, BSD code). http://gnu.org/ http://fsf.org/ http://opensource.org/ http://kernel.org/ k
  7. MikeRS

    Two problems

    That's the same dialog I get anyway upon using XPize. I just thought it was, well, ugly. So I made my own bitmap that's simply the original with new colors. Just use Resource Hacker, bypass the WFP, and boom >_>
  8. Well, you could technically hack the resources on Windows 2000, but it'll be limited to Win2k's capabilities (eg, no 32-bit icons). I doubt that XPize is compatible with the Win2k binaries.
  9. MikeRS

    Two problems

    1. XPize doesn't play nice in 16-bit color mode. 2. The new time zone map clunks together several masses and removes certain bodies of water. I've made a new-ish thing here:

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