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  1. For those of us who aren't quite ready to jump onto the Firfox bandwagon: http://www.maxthon.com/
  2. Not all people will switch to Vista, because they like XP or simply don't have the money for Vista. Vista doesn't have to mean the end of XPize I agree completely, Martijn. Thanks for responding, XPero. I'm happy to see you're at least open to the idea. I guess I'm just missing the old Desktop Architect from the Win9x days of yore, lol.
  3. Exactly. As nice as the Royale theme is, it's not my cup of tea. I prefer to mix and match my icons, visual styles, etc. from different artists, and I was just thinking that XPize has the potential to be a really good engine for that, instead of manually reshacking everything. Like I said, it was just a thought. I was just wondering if XPero and other MSFN members had considered the idea. Regardless, XPize is a very fine app.
  4. Are there any plans to have XPize support user-created "themes"? It seems to me it has the potential to be a very powerful and comprehensive platform for a total transformation of a person's XP environment, much more so than simply changing visual styles, icons, cursors, etc. in programs such as StyleXP or IconPackager. It seems that using XPize to assign the modifications could replace the traditional method of reshacking the files directly. Just a thought...
  5. Hi all, In the October screenshots thread I had promised some members that I would write a tutorial for ShortPopUp menus. I was going to do this while my gf was visiting, in the first week of Nov. Unfortunately, just before our month-long Thanksgiving vacation, SMART Disk informed me that my notebook's HD was going to crash. I quickly backed everything up and a couple of days later the HD took a total nosedive. I had major geek withdrawals, but my gf wasn't exactly bummed that I wouldn't have my favorite toy to play with while on holiday. I decided to wait until my gf went back home after Thanksgiving to rebuild the system with a new HD. Long story short, it's gonna be awhile before I can do any hobby-related stuff. My apologies to those that have been waiting for the tutorial. I don't know how long until I'll be able to do it, but the author of the app has written a fine tutorial of his own and has always been very friendly and timely in answering questions. If you have a basic knowledge of editing INI files, it's really not that difficult. I'll also TRY to answer any PMs. On a related note, check out the a**-f**king Compaq wanted to give me on replacing an 18 month old (a mere six months out of warranty!) dead Toshiba MK6021GAS 60GB HD: Compaq's Price : $336.00 + tax + shipping American Design Components' Price : $78.00, no tax, free UPS Ground (I paid for overnight which brought the total price to $101.00) Next time, I think I'll look into getting a custom-built notebook from a small vendor rather than support corporate greed. Cheers and Happy Holidays!
  6. @war59312 : What vis style is that? It's beautiful...
  7. Hey, no worries bro. I could've been more polite myself. Good on you for being big enuff to apologize. Peace. ("self distracted"... didn't want to admit it at the time, but that had me chuckling for quite a while. Nice turn-of-phrase, dude! )
  8. I was pointing out that there are better ways to voice your opinions besides being rude to other members by yelling at them. Whatever, act however you please, dude. Good luck with that.
  9. @ripken204: Give me a few days and I'll write a basic SPU tutorial, k? Be patient, it'll be well worth the wait, I promise. @wolf7448: Turn off your caps-lock key, noob. Don't you know that the louder you yell, the less people will listen? Also, one man's "clutter" is another man's bliss. Since you're a self-described newbie, you might want to be a bit more polite. Otherwise you'll quickly find that others aren't very eager to help you when you need it. Here's a good link fer ya: http://www.albion.com/netiquette/corerules.html
  10. Thanks! (just made some minor changes if you wanna take another look. )
  11. Thanks for the compliment I used to use TLB, but imho it and the apple docks are WAY too resource intensive. What I'm using is real simple and efficient: a regular quicklaunch bar with some ShortPop menus. I gave some details in the Sep '05 screenshot thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=54833&st=40 The clock in the left side of the taskbar is an html page with a java script: http://www.virtualplastic.net/html/task_qlh.html As for the vis style: sorry, but I won't say because it's based on one that was later found to be a rip. I'd have tossed it, but I had already spent too much time customizing it. However, there are tons of good ones out there, so look for "Longhorn" and "Vista" styles, then customize one you like with TGT Stylebuilder. If the mods are cool with it, I'll post the Start Button image and the Stylebuilder settings for it. Cheers!
  12. It's midmonth, so time for a change. My personlized Longhorn Visual Style, based on various .msstyles. My personlized Longhorn Aero skin for Rainmeter/Rainlendar (original skin by Josephs.) Konfabulator weather widget is overlayed on an empty Rainmeter picture frame. I'll make a Rainmeter weather skin as soon as I can get the friggin' RSS to work. > : ( These will not be released. They're just for my use. Comments welcome! (Screenshot updated since some minor changes were made tonight. Plz see edit timestamp below. )
  13. Definately Zxian's. It's too dark for me (hard on my eyes), but it's very creative and there's good consistancy.
  14. Thanks for the compliment, but more importantly thanks for reminding me to give proper credit. Please see the correction in my original post.
  15. Here's mine. * Vis Style is my personal mod of Milk 2.0 by lennard * The little clock in the left side of the Taskbar is an html script. * The blurred pic is a Konfabulator slideshow of my gf * The clock and sysmeter are Rainmeter skins * The calendar and to-do are from Rainlendar * The weather and countdown are from Konfabulator * The bordered icons on the left are ShortPopUp menus. (click images to enlarge) Composite screenshot of the Start Panel and a ShortPopUp menu. jetAudio is at the bottom, in bar mode.
  16. Thanks! Sorry it's taken so long to reply, been busy. Attached is the icon border I use for SPU menus. Using Axialis IconWorkshop, I just paste whatever image I want inside it, sizing it to fit. If you're unfamiliar with icon editing, I strongly suggest starting with Axialis, as it's the best out there with the most accurate alpha blending support. Thanks! menuSP_BLANK.ico
  17. Here's mine. Click images to enlarge. I use a slightly modified version of andymorum's System 5 visstyle. The background image and framed pictures are actually a single jpg wallpaper image. Desktop thingies: Konfabulator, Beatnik, Rainmeter and Rainlendar. The clock in the taskbar is an html page with a javascript. I love my uncluttered All Programs menu. A simple quicklaunch toolbar to the left. The bordered icons are shortcuts to ShortPopUp menus. (Apple docks suck!) Icons are set with iPhile and ResHacker, using icons by RAD.E8 and others. Not really part of the desktop, but I just had to share this. I'm new to Maxthon and I LOVE it!. The sidebar is an html page of my own creation. Since I've yet to find a form-filler that wasn't a piece of crap, there's a list (obscured) of a bunch of passwords, email address and other info that I can drag/drop or copy/paste into form fields.
  18. I picked Longhorn because if I wanted a Mac I'd go buy one. Contrary to popular perception, from a human interface perspective Windows beats OS X hands-down. Here's a great article about the dock's shortcomings, by Bruce "Tog" Tognazzini, founder of Apple's Human Interface Group and Apple Employee #6. That said, I use the System 5 visstyle by andymorum, with RAD.E8's icons.
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