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  1. alright heres my problem i can use raid on 32bit windows, using Silicon Image 3112 / 3512 SATA RAID Driver v1.1.0.50, the newest version of the drivers are but when i use the newer and try to setup partitions it sees both drives as seprate and yes i setup the raid, and then i setup a partiion and it does its thing. Then i restart to finish the rest of the install and it just sits at the end of the bios. If i use the older ones it works fine, never have figured out why the newer wouldnt work when there on giga-bytes site i have a giga-byte k8ns pro mobo. Now i wanna use 64bit windows with my raid, the Silicon Image 3512 SATA RAID Driver vBeta: doesnt work at all just doesnt detect the raid either. do i have upgrade firmware on my mobo for the drivers to work or what? im just stumped as to why i cant get it to work.
  2. lol im stupid i just figured it out like right after i posted. Just one of those days i guess.
  3. well heres a screenshot of what im talking about...what does this mean?
  4. Alcohol 120% for me used deamon tools friends turned me onto that but wanted to backup games and alcohol 120% was my answered prayer i like how you can have it not show up in the task bar but still have it emulating, and i like how it remembers what iso's you used last so all you have to do is right click the emulated drive in my computer and click the iso you wanna use no having to browse files cause im lazy
  5. i really think its enabled by mobo and if your mobo supports it.
  6. well i did a google on it found This will start researching a little bit more, that link is rather old hardware but might have a little bit more insite into it i havent read to much of it seems like its motherboard specific like if your mobo supports it or not. can be fore pci, cpu,ram
  7. this doesnt really help your problem but could someone tell me why you would want to disable sfc? and WFP?
  8. go to start>control panel>administrative tools>Event Viewer>on the left side go to System and find the error in there and past it into here or give a SS of it. that should have the error and give us a hint as to what it is.
  9. hey i just joined the forums been looking and reading them for a while looks like you guys really know alot! Exodus

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