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  1. Thank you for your response. I don't know how to check what 802.11 is used. I looked at the driver settings and turned off 11A and 11B support. I checked direct download speeds and XP and Vista is similar now. Are there other things I should check like some registry keys? Under wireless properties, there are QoS packet scheduler, IPV6/IPV4, Link Layer Topology. Do they effect the speed? Thanks.
  2. My wireless network is much faster on Vista than XP. I am using the same hardware and same XP drivers for the wireless card. Only operating system is different. I read Vista wireless network has a better error packet recovery. They were saying they would do something similar in XP Service Pack 3. But, I don't see any improvement. So, I am curious if I can copy some binaries and registry keys from Vista to XP. Is this possible? Thanks.
  3. Can you upload the latest files? I would like to try this for the HTPC computer. Thanks.
  4. i am building a htpc computer. i would like to try this one. did you use the same last_session.ini for version 2.5? thanks.
  5. I use the same drivers on both operating systems. Drivers are only for Windows XP. I am not sure even if they tested it under Windows 2003. Are the registry settings and the binaries the same for wireless network for both Windows XP and 2003. The way they are behaving I feel like they are different. Even the login takes longer with Windows XP. What binaries are involved? Maybe I can copy from one to another to see if it makes difference? Thanks.
  6. Both Windows 2003 and XP are on the same computer, on a different partition. So, hardware is identical, computer and the network adaptor. I use the same drivers on both Windows 2003 and Windows XP. I looked at the services, I tried to set them the same, that did not help. There are some TCP/IP optimization suggestions. I did them too but did not help. I am getting both faster speeds and not many signal loss on Win 2003. I know Windows 2003 has a newer kernel.
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