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  1. If i'm not mistaking, this code won't work. The $$ folder, once copied during setup, becomes %SystemRoot%. So in order to delete these 2 files, imo you should use del "%SystemRoot%\System32\sleep.exe" del "%SystemRoot%\System32\cmdow.exe" If it works your way, no problem. Else, i think you should use my suggestion.
  2. ****, curse me... Can't believe i didn't think of that :/
  3. Thanks for your comments. I do have the autoconfirm set at 1, see the attached winnt.sif... Apart from the virtual machine not loading the correct driver, i really have no clue what could cause the problem... I tried with setting to both 1280*1024 and 1024*768 in winnt.sif. If anyone has any further suggestions, or links to other unattended forums/tutorials, please post them... I'm all out of ideas. Thanks! winnt.sif
  4. Yesterday, i was coincidentally searching for more or less the same thing and stumbled upon this: http://www.magiciso.com/tutorials/miso-cre...lti-os-cd-2.htm Pretty good tutorial on how to do the job with MagicISO. I hope it helps. /edit: if you succeed in doing this, please reply here - i'd like to know if it was a lot of work, maybe i'll try this too.
  5. Dunno about that one... but anyway, the blue is just fine for me
  6. It's in system32\moricons.dll,246 (icon 246). I was actually surprised to find it here, this is an obsolete icon library from Windows for Workgroups 3.11 - unbelievable it ships with XP...
  7. While it seems a good idea, there are some flaws to the concept: For a lot of proggies, you need an answer file before you can do an unattended setup; you would need to create these files on beforehand or it won't run silently What if the download link is down? the utility needs to be able to cope with that, and the program won't be installed... If the download link changes, same thing. Program can't be installed. If, for some reasons, the network settings aren't correct, *nothing* will be installed. What if the link is something like http://site.com/down.php?id=345 » prolly won't download correctly. Ok, you said 'direct links', but maybe for some progs this is not available... But, don't let these comments hold you back on trying to make it. Hell, if you've done it, i"ll even test it out Just don't know how useful it would be. /edit: for the name, something logical like URI (unattended remote installer)?
  8. Thanks, Glent, will look into this. Btw - i see u used printscreen to take screenshots, but since you're using VMWare, you can just click File > Capture screen. Just a tip!
  9. ojojpogee, your problem is that the recovery disk is not an unattended installation, it is a ghost image of your hard drive that puts everything back to factory settings. So you have 2 options indeed - create your own unattended XP setup from a Windows XP cd, or create your own ghost image. To create your ghost image, you need to do a fresh reinstall on your computer, add as many applications as you like and change the settings you wish, and then create a snapshot with ghost software (like Norton Ghost, dunno which one is the best). Then burn that image to a bootable cd, also with the Ghost soft, and you have a new recovery dvd.
  10. I might have something to do wit the VM... I retested in MS Virtual PC 2004 instead of VMware 4.5, and the resolution did change automatically to 1024*768 after reboot (before first login). But right after that, i got the same msgbox as in my first post (Windows will adjust your screen resolution) and when i clicked OK, it changed back to 640*480... And the oobe (Windows Welcome) started running again. Has anyone experienced the same before? Is this maybe because in the virtual machine, my display driver i use on the host OS doesn't work?
  11. cheezus, if yo don't want the startup folder displayed, just run the attrib command on it to hide it (attrib /?).
  12. does it delete all the other folders correctly? maybe try to put the switches before the folder name, like rd /s /q "%SystemDrive%\D"
  13. I'm sorry, i'm out of ideas... can't help you there. Try searching the AutoIt forums, perhaps you'll find an answer there. Since it's happening on your pc and not on mine, i'm guessing it's related to the way you set up Windows or AutoIt, but that's as far as my knowledge goes... http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/ Good luck!
  14. Ok, i'm gonna re-try with your suggestions. Small question: in winnt.sif, does it matter if you use quotes or not? F.e. UnattendedSwitch=yes or "UnattendedSwitch"=yes - does it both work? My screen resolution is 1280*1024*32 @ 60Hz, driver is Dell 1905F (19" TFT).
  15. That's weird... Btw, i tested both scripts and mine didn't work, but the one MHz provided did the job just fine... Run('explorer ' & @WindowsDir & '\Fonts') Sleep(20000) WinClose('Fonts') Maybe if you tried quotes instead? (" instead of ')? And does it work with any other folder?
  16. I don't know for sure if it's due to the winnt.sif... ;SetupMgrTag [Data] AutoPartition=0 MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes" [Unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended OemSkipEula=Yes OEMSkipWelcome=Yes OemPreinstall=Yes TargetPath=\W UnattendedSwitch=Yes WaitForReboot="No" DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore OemPnPDriversPath="Drivers\00_chipset;Drivers\01_vga;Drivers\02_monitor;Drivers\03_audio;Drivers\04_network" CrashDumpSetting = 0 DisableVirtualOemDevices = Yes DUDisable = No EnableBigLBA = Yes FileSystem = ConvertNTFS ForceHALDetection = Yes Hibernation = Yes Repartition = No OemFilesPath="..\$OEM$" [GuiUnattended] AdminPassword=* EncryptedAdminPassword=NO OEMSkipRegional=1 TimeZone=105 OemSkipWelcome=1 ProfilesDir="%SYSTEMDRIVE%\DS" [UserData] ProductID=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx ProductKey=xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx FullName="xxx" OrgName="" ComputerName=* [SystemFileProtection] SFCQuota=0 SFCDisable=2 [Display] BitsPerPel=32 Xresolution=1024 YResolution=768 Vrefresh = 60 [TapiLocation] CountryCode=32 [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 SystemLocale=00000813 UserLocale=00000813 InputLocale=080c:0000080c [PCHealth] ER_Display_UI = 0 ER_Enable_Applications = All ER_Enable_Kernel_Error = 1 ER_Enable_Reporting = 1 ER_Enable_Windows_Components = 1 ER_Force_Queue_Mode = 0 ER_Include_MSApps = 1 ER_Include_Shutdown_Errs = 1 RA_AllowFullControl = 0 RA_AllowToGetHelp = 0 RA_AllowUnsolicited = 0 RA_MaxTicketExpiry = 600 [Branding] BrandIEUsingUnattended=Yes [URL] Home_Page=about:blank Search_Page="http://www.google.be/search?q=%s" Quick_Link_1_Name = "Google" Quick_Link_1 = http://www.google.com/ [FavoritesEx] Title1 = MSFN.url URL1 = http://www.msfn.org Title2 = MSFN-forum.url URL2 = http://www.msfn.org/board [Proxy] Proxy_Enable=0 Use_Same_Proxy=1 [Identification] JoinWorkgroup=WORKGROUP [Networking] InstallDefaultComponents=Yes [Shell] DefaultStartPanelOff = Yes DefaultThemesOff = Yes [TerminalServices] AllowConnections=0 However OEMSkipWelcome is set to Yes, it still displays the Windows Welcome during setup (see screenshot attached) - maybe the screen resolution changer is part of Welcome...? If so, how comes i still get this Welcome bogus? Also, I set the section [Display] to preset the resolution - why isn't this one used? (I changed it from 1280x1024 to 1024x768 to test it, but didn't solve it). Massive thanks for your help!
  17. For $i = 1 To 2 $pid = Run('explorer ' & @WindowsDir & '\Fonts') Sleep(20000) ProcessClose($pid) Next This might work instead - it uses the process id (pid) retrieved from the Run function, so that the window title of the fonts folder doesn't matter. Got it from the AutoIt help file > Function reference > Process management
  18. When running my unattended setup, everything works great, billboards are displayed and all, but after rebooting, setup prompts me to change my screen resolution. I've attached the screenshots. I have to click 2 times (confirmation also) and it's quite annoying, since this happens before my runonceex and not at the very end. Any suggestions? Anyone has had the same problem? Thanks!
  19. Maybe you should terminate the process before deleting the folder (seems to me the file is still in use when you try to delete it). taskkill.exe /F /IM Watchdriverpolicy.exe RD /S /Q %systemdrive%\Install\ Hope this helps.
  20. If you change the format from 00\,00\,00\,000 to ##\,##\,##\,### you will loose the extra zeroes, but the commas will still be displayed. I don't know how to get around that myself.
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