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  1. Haft'disagree... I also would like to be able to tweak this. Why? Two reasons: (1) I have 2 GB of RAM; 1.4 Gigs are currently free. Yet 20% of the page file (51 of 256 megs) is in use (peaked at 30), and I'm averaging 256 pages faults/sec to the pagefile (peaked at 4,687). How can anyone say this is good memory management??? (2) I have the pagefile set to a fixed size 256 megs in an effort to force windows to use more ram. From time to time windows will tell me that I don't have enough virtual memory, and that it is increasing the pagefile (it doesn't, but the message is still annoying) Muh?? I do use the DisablePagingExecutive tweak, and this helps, but still... Windows shouldn't be using *any* pagefile in this scenario (imo). Whatever algorithm Microsoft is using wasn't developed with high-RAM systems in mind. Unless there are tweaking capabilities somewhere buried in the system. I want them!! .

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