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  1. [BETA] XPize 4.2

    is it that hard to update those... i mean.. a image is just a image and can be replaced or do i miss something importent? btw.. what dll file do i need to edit to change those (i want to test something)
  2. [BETA] XPize 4.2

    well i found some "forgotten icons" whitch still belong to the default windows xp... image: ((i wanted to put in more forgotten icons but there are just to many to put in this shot so that`s why it has the strange shape... )) oke for the forgottin icons... you may have updated the icons of the "system management" or whatever it`s calles in english but you didn`t look into the management things themselve.. Logs or Event viewer == not updated at all services == partly updated prestations == not updated at all and the other management thing are not updated aswell and there must be more but i didn`t look forther than the administrative tools
  3. PHP Icon update

    thanx xpero i`m still looking for a good NZB icon the one tha comes with newsleecher is verry nice but i think it`s a copyright violation if you use that one...
  4. PHP Icon update

    not a problem at all simply mail him and ask if it can be used in xpize (moet toch te doen zijn)
  5. PHP Icon update

    Hey, a while ago i asked you (xpize developer) to include a php icon because there is none by default and you did included it but i don`t really like the style of that icon (just ugly... sorry) so i looked for a new icon and FOUND one. You can find the icon here: http://fyrebyrd.deviantart.com/gallery/?ty...rowse&offset=24 and don`t forget to ask his permission for it i hope you want to change the current php icon with this one because it`s just better. Thanx.
  6. XPize 4.0 MCE RC

    awsome you added the php icon awsome job xpero
  7. hmm.. i don`t know if this helps you much but well.. this is how i should do it: on the installation cd make a $OEM$ structure like this: $OEM$\$$\System32 or $OEM$ |-$$ |--System32 and place the file SHELL32.dll (the one you edited ofcause!! not the default one) in System32. it should just work fine. good luck
  8. icons and questions

    thanx alot.. i hope that i can find out how to do it now and good luck with making xpize even better than it already is at the moment
  9. XPlode Wiki

    The pdf file helped me so i shouldn`t remove it if i where you.. Just close topics where people ask things that are answered in the pdf file
  10. BSplayer skin registry key?

    i see.. but that xml file contains the username to (in the filename.. example: BSplayer.mark.xml) I think i can solve that littleproblem by using %username% or something simulair If there are any other options please let me know.. a ini option with the installation would be gread
  11. icons and questions

    Hello, First of all, i really love that xpize program and since i know that it`s alive i use it (is about 6 months since i know this awsome program) But i have some questions to. How do you edit those dll files and add new icons to it? and how do you assign icons to a certain extension.. (i really would like to know that) Suggestions: a php icon a nzb icon Those are the 2 that still don`t have a icon... php gets an ugly one when you install php itself and nzb gets a nice one when you install newsleecher but i still would like to know how to assign a icon to a certain extension... is it something you do in the register? It would be gread if someone could help me out a bit. Thanx alot.
  12. Hello, i`m currently working on a unattended windows mce 2005 installation with some programs preinstalled but i can`t find a way to change the bsplayer default skin to anoter one in the registry settings or a ini file in bsplayer. So my question is: does anyone know how i can automaticly change the bsplayer skin? Thanx alot.
  13. my graphical image screen

    oke i will make some more of the gfxinstall.png pictures for everyone that wants to use it expect about 5 new ones here shortly
  14. my graphical image screen

    hehe i do that with all the programs that i adjust btw.. could you replace this gfxinstall.png with the current one.. the current one (sorry to say it) is pritty ugly...
  15. found the problem a desktop is the english word for Bureaublad whitch is dutch i don`t even have a desktop folder @Yzöwl can you adjust you little program so that you can do that in the run command.. for example: noshtcut.exe /Bureaublad (for the dutch users) and this way tour script will work in any language anyway.. removing .lnk files is working now