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  1. Filezilla:

    comctl32.dll, winspool.drv

    PROBLEM: starting program and nothing happens

    rechecked that program

    seems that filezilla only needs: riched20.dll

    maybe it needs additional registry entries (I tested some registry stuff in advance, anyway if they are needed, I've got them)

    maybe I can recheck that on the weekend ... because this week I dont have that much time

  2. OpenOffice.org (office software) [one of the 3 apps that will bloat microwinX,but I need this]

    bloat? nope ... openoffice just needs some extra dll's and thats all ... and in comparison to ms office we dont even need to talk about ...

    See,there's not one single program that is bad or unnecessary,and 90% of them are free :)

    this list is cleaned up ...

    But people are different many don't like what I chose,for example many prefer MS Office over OpenOffice.org

    some prefer it especially in their office, but for home use ... never ... openoffice rulez!

    See,different people,different tastes.


    You need to satisfy most of them,or they'll not it use because their favorite apps don't work.

    but it should not be our aim to satisfy most people (that is what microsoft does), we should try to reach our goal --> small, simple, secure microwindows with basic support for _most_ needed applications

    due to the many restrictions of this windows (e.g. no user management, no software installation after modification etc etc etc) we will never be able to satisfy all ...

  3. before we add support for a bunch of useless emulators we should better provide support for more mainstream software ...

    support for .net ?

    hard to realize and there are alternative runtimes for nlite available ...

    support for steam?

    I didn't test it on microwinx

    but if you use steam on a windows without IE, you will have to add steampowered.com to your host file to get rid of the annoying popups because of the embedded html-sites in steam


    how do you make the reg patches, with regmon and then manually by hand?

    if you can make 1 package out of your patches I could upload that file ...

    btw: gimp support would be cool!

  4. I guess it is more important to improve the modification process (improving batchfiles, or script those things in a more modular manner (e.g. perl, ruby, python ...))

    program suppport is important, but most programs work with additional dlls (everyone is able to copy them, we dont need extra batchfiles for that)

    it is more important to provide support for those programs which need additional registry entries or additional system components (e.g. dhcp)

    working driver or fonts cleanup is not that much important (because it is more important to me that this windows works, instead of saving 0,x megabytes ...)

  5. devcpp:




    opengl32.dll, glu32.dll, dciman32.dll



    hhctrl.ocx, urlmon.dll



    PROBLEM: "no language support detected"

    Lotus 5.08:

    just works

    total commander:

    winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll


    even doesnt work before step 4


    oledlg.dll, winspool.drv, comctl32.dll, olepro32.dll, wsock32.dll, comdlg32.dll, imm32.dll


  6. yes, the first one was without drivers

    but can you beat that one? :D


    (I'm honest, that one is not very realistic, shutdownprocess and screenshot taken at the very last possible moment *g*)

    what is more important to me:

    there seems to be a problem in general (double-click on exe, and nothing happens, but all required dll's are in the program folder)

    do you have any idea for that problem?

  7. @synth


    this list contains

    a) often 3 different programs for the same task

    b) often programs where are better alternatives available (why use yim, aim, icq, irc etc when miranda is available ? )

    c) software you run once and then never again (e.g. benchmarking tools to ensure that your oc'ed computer is rockstable, just install a normal windows, do that, and then start installing microwinx, or run these benchmarking tools in your second windows)

    d) software for just unnecessary tasks (you think xpantispy or wwdc are needed in THIS windows? lol!!!!)

    what you say:

    You can skip Azureus+Java (very bloated,leave that for the Linux users,hahaha)

    omg, you really think that azureus is the only bittorrent client for linux? just rethink of what we do here, we try to shrink windows to a size which is good for our needs, if we would use linux we wouldn't have to (and I'm not talking about redhat, ubuntu, or some other bloated distributions => www.linuxfromscratch.org !!)

    Wireless is good but lacks security.It's easy to hack through a wireless connection.

    wpa2? vpn? I guess you never heard of that stuff ...

    ...but can also be used for amateur audio/video production PCs where RAM and CPU power are not that high,so they can work more comfortable and not need to upgrade their hardware.

    those people who really need more power will buy better hardware, those who dont do audio/video production can wait 10 seconds longer in the overall process of recoding the video/music/whatever (most of that stuff depends on cpu-power anyway, so I dont believe that microwinx is able to provie 10seconds less recoding time ...)

    Also,can be used as an ultimate gaming machine,which is the main use.HDTV video playback/processing uses a lot of resources,so microwinX can help here greatly as a hi-def multimedia center.

    Can be used even to make high-performance micro-servers out of your old piece of junk PCs and breathe new life into them.

    yea lol ... high performance servers out of your old hardware ... sounds like a dream, and yes, it is a dream!!



    .... (I'm so lazy ...)

    @shix & synth

    did you guys install microwinx?

    I guess not because both of you are just dreaming and blame qdogg for not wiping out more of that bloated stuff and tell him to use "what's running"

    omg ... just look at his work and you'll see there is not much more what to do ...

  8. software tested so far (starting the program works, didnt test any function!!!):

    I guess some of them might need additional dlls when they start working/make use of some special tools (nero e.g.)... whatever here we go:

    Derive 5.02 (math program)

    comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, oledlg.dll, olepro32.dll



    comctl32.dll, bbleanbar.dll (plugins\bbleanbar\bbleanbar.dll)



    comdlg32.dll, wsock32.dll, winspool.drv






    wsock32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll, imm32.dll



    opengl32.dll, comdlg.dll



    comctl32.dll, winspool.drv

    PROBLEM: starting program and nothing happens


    comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll, wsock32.dll, dciman32.dll



    imm32.dll, comdlg32.dll, SHfolder.dll, oleacc.dll

    PROBLEM: The application failed to initialize properly (0x0000142). Click ok to terminate the application)

    Photoshop 7.0:

    comdlg32.dll, winspool.drv, imm32.dll, comctl32.dll


    Miranda 4.0.1:

    wsock32.dll, comdlg32.dll, riched20.dll, riched32.dll


    Nero (burning rom/express):

    shfolder.dll, quartz.dll, comdlg32.dll, olethk32.dll, wsock32.dll, winspool.drv, olepro32.dll, oledlg.dll


    Openoffice 1.1.5:

    wsock32.dll, winspool.drv, imm32.dll


    IrfanView 3.97:

    winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll






    comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, oledlg.dll, olepro32.dll



    comdlg32.dll, oledlg.dll



    comctl32.dll, imm32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll, msvfw32.dll, avifil32.dll

    PROBLEM: starting program and nothing happens

    DVD-Fab Platinum:


    PROBLEM: starting program and nothing happens

  9. what could also work, the steps which need the second windows (modify registry, delete system relevant dlls etc ...) could also be done from a windows PE ... so we don't need to make the extra partition :P

    *to be tested* :thumbup


    microwinx just rocks ;-)


  10. @ synth

    I guess this windows is not intended to be a replacement for an all-in-one-working-windows-with-all-your-favourtie-programs

    it is just what it is: a small simple and secure windows providing all basics to 'survive' :D


    I would not provide support all that bloated stuff like benchmarking software ...

    I was thinking of a small, low-power box for the kids, guests or something similiar (carpc, kioskpc)

    It should be possible to use a cf-card (or microdrive) + second hdd to setup that windows and then remove the second hdd ...

  11. I've got access to a dedicated server (my bro's dedicated) ... I was not talking about my own pc lol :D

    some software I would like to run on this windows (some of them are already running):

    browsing&email = firefox and thunderbird (+sunbird ?)

    office = openoffice

    pdf = gsview + foxit + afpl postscript

    music = winamp (+ streamripper/stationripper?)

    movies = vlc (+klite codec package would be nice *g*)

    chat = miranda, skype (+teamspeak?)

    file transfer = filezilla, winscp (+putty?)

    filesharing = utorrent (or any non-bloated bittorrent client)

    burning = nero burning rom

    iso stuff = ultraiso, daemon-tools, dvd-fab platinum

    picture stuff = irfan view

    system monitoring = nmap, tools from sysinternals (filemon, tcpview etc)


    coding stuff: homesite, devcpp, ruby, activeperl ...

    picture editing: photoshop ;-)

    to be continued ;-)

    today I'll be able to test some of that stuff

  12. okay, yesterday and today i testet microwinx ;-) (in vmware)

    works fine ;-)

    first I f***ed it up with cleaning up fonts and drivers ... *g*

    but now it works

    next stage will be to test several programs etc ...

    good work! :thumbup

  13. there is one audio architecture: AC97, and another: Universal Audio Architecture (UAA)

    uaa seems to be important for HD-audio ...

    AC97 will not be supported in windows vista

    i dont know if this update gives us any improvements for windows xp, and i dont know if this update is necessary to watch hd-dvds or hd-audio stuff ... i just dont know ;-)

    i guess for now, it is not necessary

  14. okay, nice work .... but ...

    1. removing that much stuff is okay, but gaining 10 or 20 mb for such a high amount of work ...

    2. a lot of stuff doesnt work after removing these files: EFS, administrative tools, dun, and so on ...

    i dont think it is worth to kick those dll's out and loose so much usability ... better waste 10 or 20 mb and have more windows on your pc lol

  15. thx for this detailed info :thumbup

    to fdv'files:

    yea, i also tried to nlite them, doenst work:

    [nlite scanning for i386 folder]

    1. error: nettcpip.inf -> continues

    2. error: netmscli.inf -> continues

    3. error: sth about sfc.dll, stops responding

    tried to copy some other sfc.dll to the i386 folder in advance, and copy the fdv-sfc.dll back when nlite finished scanning, only tried to removed items which are not touched by fdv-files (like languages and other)

    but anyway, when processing the files, he also stops responding

    would be great if his fileset is compatible ... anyway i didnt manage to make his plain-fileset + hotfixes to work (without any mods!)

    win2k setup returns an error and quits ...

  16. for me every link works quite fine (which browser do you use?) ... and if you downloaded the package i linked directly you would have seen that it is not card specific (or take the first link and scroll down untill you reach kb888111)

    upped the kb888111 for w2ksp4 (english):


    the original package is about 50mb because it contains many languages and all versions for each os ...


    another try:

    test this


    i guess your browser has problems with the additional ... in the link (this board modifies the links so that they dont get to long ... it reduces the length and puts ... to show that it is a link which has been shortened, i guess your browser takes them as they stand here ... i use mozilla 1.7.11 and have no problems with that, just try the 2 links above, they should work)

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