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  1. @indie

    there is an easy solution to that problem:

    put the site to which it tries to connect in the host file in \system32\drivers\etc

    afair it was steampowered.com (or just look at the message that prompts) steampowered.com


    from my point of view this is very similiar to an article of sysinternals, there it is described how to kill many processes with their process explorer

    can't see anything new + huge! loss of functionality

  2. Is it possible to slipstream a new MDAC Version?

    In which folder? MDAC_TYP_2.81.EXE & MDAC281-KB911562-x86-ENU.exe

    Add old updates anyway? (ENU_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE & MDAC253-KB911562-x86-ENU.exe)

    What solution is better supported (2.53 or 2.81)?

    Different topic:

    I want to integrate NISTWin2kProGold.inf, is that possible?

    I really like HFSLIP, cool to slipstream just everything in a simple way without bloat.

  3. I also had this problem

    I used hfslip to integrade the NISTWin2kProGold.inf, and then nlited the sourcess folder, on installation everything works fine, but when I create a user, and login as user, I get the described error "advanced INF install failure"

    you can read, don't you?

  4. I also had this problem

    I used hfslip to integrade the NISTWin2kProGold.inf, and then nlited the sourcess folder, on installation everything works fine, but when I create a user, and login as user, I get the described error "advanced INF install failure"

  5. a friend asked me how to prevent password caching in the windows wlan client

    hi don't know, just googled a bit and found these 2 possibilities:

    version 1:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings

    DisablePasswordCaching (DWORD)

    value: 1

    version 2:



    DisablePwdCaching (DWORD)

    value: 1

    someone knows which one is the correct one? I guess the first is just for IE ...

    Title Edited - Please follow new forum rules from now on

    -- Martin L

  6. I did it after I read an article ...

    works fine, windows product activation also works, software which needs validation (shared computer toolkit e.g.) also works

    many things are added, only a few are missing: cmd-tool "kill", that server software which is included in pro and another thing (also not important) ...

  7. but is there still an accurate prediction in hours and minutes?

    i guess there would be a nice difference in battery-life when comparing normal-windows with microwinx ...


    I already tested foxit:


    comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, oledlg.dll, olepro32.dll


  8. in my main system i have 2*250GB sata disks to save all the stuff I have

    these hard drives need much power and I used to power them down (hdd doze mode// hdd standby)

    to ensure the life expectancy I dont want to start and stop them every 5 minutes (I only access them once or twice a day)

    but some programs power up these hard drives when they start, vmware e.g.

    I HATE THAT! :angry:

    because those startups lower the hdds life expectancy ...

    someone knows a way to prevent programs powering up hard drives?

    or any software tool where you can control startup/standby? (the windows power options are not very good ...)

    thanks in advance

  9. goldwave 5.09:

    dsound.dll, wsock32.dll, winspool.drv, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll


    realplayer 10.5:

    pncrt.dll, dciman32.dll, ntmarta.dll, setupapi.dll, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll, urlmon.dll, psapi.dll

    PROBLEM: starts, but not working properly

    bender 2.31a:

    avifil32.dll, msvfw32.dll, comctl32.dll, opengl32.dll, glu32.dll, dciman32.dll


    netscreen remote (vpn tool):

    wsock32.dll, mfc42.dll, comctl32.dll, comdlg32.dll


    pcinspector file recovery:

    comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll


    easy studio 2.0:

    imm32.dll, winspool.drv, mfc71enu.dll, mtxdm.dll, comres.dll

    PROBLEM: program starts but then immediately closes

  10. I don't know why it is delaying that much ...

    it seems to stop responding, but cpu usage is 0% on that task and in general ... then after ~5minutes it is ready

    I don't know if it is able to burn (I guess it loads all necessary files on startup) because I only test that stuff in vmware because I don't have a spare pc here where to test it ...

    I only check whether the program starts or not, I do NOT test the functionality!

  11. vci,

    How can you tell which DLLs are needed? Is there a way to get a list or do you keep trying to run the program, get a missing DLL error message, add the DLL, then repeat this cycle until the program runs?


    using filemon and regmon, filter/highlight on "not found"

    search those files, copy those files, check again ... and so on

    sometimes very difficult (mobile master e.g.)

    some programs are very easy (they tell me which files are missing)

  12. silent night micro burner 4.0:

    comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, imaadp32.acm, msadp32.acm, msg711.acm, msgsm32.acm, tssoft32.acm, l3codeca.acm, tsd32.dll

    PROBLEM: works, but needs EXTREME long loading times (5 minutes !!!)

    sodipodi 0.34

    need to copy zlib1.dll & libgmodule-2.0.0.dll from \program files\common files\gtk\2.0\bin to sodipodi folder

    rename zlib1 into zlib-1.dll

    comctl32.dll, wsock32.dll, imm32.dll



    comdlg32.dll, comctl32.dll, wsock32.dll



    msvbvm60.dll, olepro32.dll


    mobile master:

    in windows\system32 folder: mfc42.dll, scrrun.dll, asycfilt.dll

    in program folder:

    msvbvm60.dll, mshflxgd.ocx, asycfilt.dll, oledlg.dll, comdlg32.dll, vb6de.dll, olepro32.dll, comctl32.ocx, netmsg.dll, msdatsrc.tlb, stdole2.tlb, richtx32.ocx, riched20.dll, riched32.dll , mfc42.dll, scrrun.dll, mscomctl.ocx

    I would like to run this program ... TRIAL version here: http://www.mobile-master.com/download/down.html

    works!! (something strange: mobilemaster ALWAYS kills filemon!!! even if the program does startup normally, it kills the filemon process ... very strange!!!)


    comctl32.dll, imm32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll, msvfw32.dll, avifil32.dll, stdole32.tlb

    now works!!


    avifil32.dll, winspool.drv, msvfw32.dll, comdlg32.dll



    comdlg32.dll, winspool.drv



    comdlg32.dll, oledlg.dll, winspool.drv starting already


    +(in windows\system32\, quartz.dll, devenum.dll?, maybe some others, couldn't find devenum.dll in backupfolder)



    need to copy xmlparse.dll & xmltok.dll from \program files\common files\gtk\2.0\bin to gimp\bin folder

    wsock32.dll, imm32.dll



    comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, comdlg32.dll, riched20.dll

    now works

    exact audio copy (EAC):

    comdlg32.dll, wsock32.dll



    comctl32.dll, winspool.drv, perfctrs.dll, olepro32.dll

    PROBLEM: program starts scanning, but then crashes (100% cpu), speedfan.enu/speedfan.enu.dll maybe missing? don't know ...

    maybe vmware is the problem ...

    bad day today ...


    fixed sodipodi & gimp

    mobile master is die hard ... grrr ... this program is driving me nuts


    okay now I'm totally nuts but I've got it working ... yeehaaa ;-)

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