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  1. Hi, I've a windows 2003 server with RIS/WDS running on it. It's a flat (image) RIS structure with windows xp sp2, everything is standart. Now i've been trying to slipstream SP3 with the following command : C:\sp3\i386\update\update.exe /integrate:D:\RIS\Setup\English\Images\WINDOWS Unfortunately I'm getting the error msg : This service pack cannot be integrated into a destination that also has integrate software updates. Consult the service pack documentation for more detail about supported integration scenarios. The documentation does not mention what should be done in this case. In attachement you'll find my RIS tree structure . Does anyone have a idee how I could solve the problem ? Thanks for any feedback David
  2. Thanks nmX.Memnoch for understanding my problem ;-) I mean it should have a way to do it. A new registry key needed ?
  3. You are a funny guy but this isn't really helping. Any other suggestion ?
  4. Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is possible to have a specific wallpaper (company logo for example) while the computer is locked and the screen saver not activated. Any suggestion ? thanks for your reply.
  5. ok. I've both signing option in the sif file. the installation is not stopping because of the "found new hardare". After about 30 secondes, the windows is going away without touching anything. Now, is it another way to get rit of this anoying pop during the installation ? thanks for any feedback.
  6. I've the same issue. I've been looking on different forum and what I've seen is that many are having this issue. anyone ?? please...
  7. I've the same problem with the HP DC 7600 computer. during the installation process, I got the wizard windows "found new hardware" and then after some minutes the windows disapear. When the setup is finished all drivers are recognized. Is their a way to get rid of this windows ? Thanks for any feedback.
  8. thank you for your reply. Well I've tryed to set all the permission possible on the RIS server. In the security tab from the RIS server, I've set create domain object and everything relating to the creation of ADS object. Do you know exactly what permission as to be set and where ? thank you for your feedback.
  9. Dear all, I've a RIS setup installation that is working just fine. I can setup any client I want but with admin right only. Without admin right the user is getting the osc error msg 000004E4F. On the official microsoft page they say that this is a windows 2000 domain upgrade to 2003 problem. But I don't have any windows 2000 domain, only 2003 (RIS + ADS). Since I don't want to give admin right to all user for the client setup, i'm looking for a solution rergarding this issue. Can anyone help me ? Thanks David
  10. Thank you for your reply. I've been so much looking to get a suitable solution, I finaly found out how I could do with AutoIT. maybe it will help someone else ;-) ; Script Start - Add your code below here run ("setup.exe") winwait("iPassConnect - Setup") sleep(2000) Send("!w") sleep(2000) ControlCommand("iPassConnect - Setup", "", "Button2", "Check", "") sleep(1000) Send("!J") sleep(1000) Send("!W") sleep(100000) ControlCommand("iPassConnect - Setup", "", "Button1", "UnCheck", "") sleep(200) ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup", "Fertigstellen", "Button4")
  11. Dear all, i'm trying to install the IPass client silent I've tryed with the reponse file .iss but at the licence screen the installer is stopping. [InstallShield Silent] Version=v6.00.000 File=Response File [File Transfer] OverwrittenReadOnly=NoToAll [{AB6FFA58-F491-11D3-8951-000000029751}-DlgOrder] Dlg0={AB6FFA58-F491-11D3-8951-000000029751}-SdWelcome-0 Count=2 Dlg1={AB6FFA58-F491-11D3-8951-000000029751}-SdAskDestPath-0 [{AB6FFA58-F491-11D3-8951-000000029751}-SdWelcome-0] Result=1 [{AB6FFA58-F491-11D3-8951-000000029751}-SdAskDestPath-0] szDir=C:\Program Files\iPass\iPassConnect Result=1 [Application] Name=iPassConnect Version=3.35.00 Company=iPass Lang=0009 So i've been looking for another way how I could proceed and found AutoIT that could do what I'm looking for. The bad new is really wired. The script is working as long as I have autoIT 3 installed on the computer. As soon as I'm installing IPass on a Fresh installation, AutoIT script (compiled) is stoping at the licence and is waiting Below the AutoIT script ; Script Start - Add your code below here run ("setup.exe") winwait("iPassConnect - Setup") ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup", "&Weiter", 1,"Button1") sleep(2000) ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup","",1000,"Button2") sleep(1000) ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup","&Ja",6,"Button4") sleep(2000) ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup","&Weiter",1,"Button1") sleep(100000) ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup","",501,"Button1") sleep(1000) ControlClick("iPassConnect - Setup","Fertigstellen",1,"Button4") Does anyone know how to help ? thank you for your feedback. Regards David
  12. ok, i've justed finished to test with the "EncryptedAdminPassword=NO" but no success. WinXP still want to log on the domain by default. I've no problem with login on the domain instead of local but how do I set the sif file correctly to have a autologon (on the domain). I know that the winlogon info are defined in the registry but at the [GuiRunOnce] stage it's already to late because I would need to login at least 1 time to set th registry correctly. is their a way to set registry "before" the [GuiRunOnce] stage ? do anyone have any input to help me ? Thanks in advance. David
  13. ok, thank you for your reply. i'm now testing if it's working ;-)
  14. I know this method but this not what I need. in the sif file you can specify the autologin and this is not working. Anyone can help ?
  15. Dear all, I've set for my company a RIS server and I'm having some difficulties with the ristndrd.sif.¨ I've been looking for days but I couldn't find any solution to solve my problem. The first problem I have is the autologon. As soon as winXP is trying to login the first time (just after install) login isn't working. I know it's because the system is trying to login with the local account on the domain instead of login local. Below is my sif file The second issue isn't really a issue but it's annoying. During the first start, WinXP is starting the activation with the activation sound (I'm using a OEM corporate licence) but doesn't prompt anything and then skip directly to the login. I guess I'm missing something in the sif file. Any help are very welcome Thank you in advance for your great forum. David
  16. thanks for your reply. but do you know how you could do the same in VBS ? thank you
  17. thanks for your reply. I know this command. but this will generate for every computer a log file which is not what I need.. I need to check first is their is user in the local admin group and if yes generate log file.. any other help ?
  18. Well I know what you mean. but I need a listing who has actually the admin right and who hasn't .. any other help ?
  19. Hello, I'm a domain admin and we are currently facing the issue about the local admin right. I need to have a script that run on every machine to know who as effectively admin right locally. As output I would like to have a text file "compname.txt" and in it the user id who as the admin right... I've the following script at the moment who is unfortunately not working Thanks in advcance for your support. David
  20. i've just tryed diskpart from Microsoft. You can do pretty much with this tool but not resizing.. :-( anyone have another idee ? can partition magic be run at the command line ?
  21. Hello, I've been looking everywhere but I couldn't find what I'm looking for. What I need is a tool/software that give the ability to resize the OS partition (Windows XP) directly in a script with switch without be prompting and then be able to create a new partition (fat). Any help would be appreciate. Thank you David
  22. anyone ?? It should be possible ! i'm sure.
  23. I could install kaspersky silently but the problem is to install the licence silently. I want be able to add a command (batch)to install the licence. Can anyone help me out ?? thanks..

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