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  1. no you do not need to install something, just add into you cmd file and that's it. ;-)
  2. I finally found a solution to install Adaware SE 1.03 silently. start /wait t:\aawsepersonal.exe /S taskkill /IM Adaware.exe /F taskkill /IM hh.exe /F taskkill /IM Ad-Aware.exe /F works perfectly. ..
  3. thanks for your tip. I will try as soon as I can... ;-)
  4. It's unfortunatly not working.. with /S is fine but start the help file and automaticly the scan the machine. So I also tryed those task : askkill /IM Ad-Aware.exe /F taskkill /IM hh.exe /F but after I have the webupdate hanging for a few secondes and then start adaware without scanning.... could anyone help me..?? thanks
  5. I've try without any switch... just double click on the exe and I've the same result... damit.... :-( But when I installed the hotfixes from windowsupdate site from microsoft both hotfixes are installed... I really need help... :-( anyone
  6. I've problem to install the following patches in Vmware session.. kb835732.exe /quiet /norestart /o /n kb826939.exe /quiet /norestart /o /n fact is: they won't install both, when i reboot and go to windowsupdate website they still appear as uninstall Do I have to do something special with those hotfixes ? Any help would be appreciate.
  7. I've the same problem... I think they should be a possibility to skip that.. anyone ??

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