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  1. Farewell to XPerties

    Best of luck
  2. Win XP upgrade won't install In Win XP

    Thats works. I had the same problem. Removed 98 and just used the disk as proof of upgrade.
  3. Dragon Natural Speaking

    It would be nice if this product got better. I have been installing it for years and have yet to see any improvment. Same old story, someone in the office reads about it in a magazine, convinces everyone around the water cooler and at lunch breaks it is great, we sell them 30 copies with better head sets, users use it for a week and headsets end up under desks next to shoes and trash barrel.
  4. Norton Utilities 2002

    I love it, why? When I go to a customer that is having computer problems and they have this product installed I know it will be an easy fix. Just remove System works and the PC always works fine. In case you don't understand sarcasm I hate it.
  5. remove outlook blocked access

    Thanks for the info this helps me a lot. This is on the top 5 list of things Microsoft has done that p***es me off.
  6. who says it doesn't pay to play games?

    I work with a guy that bought an Ultima Online castle off of Ebay for a couple of hundred dollars. Even funnier . . . we got slambed with work for about 4 days straigh and wasn't able to keep the castle from disapearing. I guess you need to log in every couple of days to stay alive. Goto Ebay you will be shocked by what people are paying for this stuff.
  7. minesweeper

    Here is a cheat, maybe you can figure out the math and get back to us. 1. Enter Minesweeper, and type "xyzzy"(No quotes). 2. Press the left shift key. 3. Look at the top-left most pixel on the entire screen. To see this pixel, you have to minimize or shrink Program manager, since this changing pixel resides on the background wallpaper. When the pointer in on a mine the pixel will turn color. I.e. Black background pixel turns white
  8. Want a laugh!!!

    Gliding pussy? Pretty much sums himself up on his page. I don't want to know how this page was found.
  9. Linux Christmastree

    WPI is about ten minutes from me, and yes those boys have a lot of free time.
  10. Go back to cable. I don't know about in PA but in MA DSL blows. There is no always on DSL in my area. They will tell you it is but it is not. One way DSL, you can go out but you can't come in, so no Pcanywhere or static IP for FTP. Lame arse Verzion.
  11. Big Queston!

    In a world full of inexpensive large drives does the size of the registry matter?
  12. get your c.y.b.o.r.g. name

    Brian Boolean Random Internet Array Node. Funny all my friends tell me to stop being such a Node.
  13. directCd is is now working with XP

    Thanks for the update, and to think I was happy that a patch came out. Silly me.