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  1. If you've tried an IDE drive, then something else is going on. Try removing all non-essential hardware from your system, and disabling anything you're not using in your bios, and give it another run. You may want to try unplugging your SATA drive(s) for grins, too.
  2. What does one thing have to do with the other?
  3. You mean Glass? Aero's the default theme used. Try http://www.tweakvista.com, and make sure you're running the nVidia LDDM drivers (the ones that came with Vista allow Glass to work for me on my 7800s).
  4. If you're broadband of some sort, or connect through a router/hub, what manufacturer/model is your NIC?
  5. I cant get by the install at the beginning cause it ask for a product key, how can I beat this??? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually, this is what MSDN states for that: Attention! In order to install this version of Windows, you must get a retail product key. This key may be used to activate 10 PCs per the terms of the MSDN End-User License Agreement. For the answers to common questions regarding the use of software included in your MSDN subscription, please see the MSDN License FAQ.
  6. Try using the 32bit/64bit drivers for your SATA drive (make a disk like you would with any other Windows install), and see if that works. I ended up just throwing an IDE drive in and installing it that way, because I didn't want to spend any more time than I needed to in order to install, but since other 32bit drivers work, I don't think it will be any different here.
  7. Sometimes it's worth having MSDN.
  8. I've gotten everything to work but Raid (I actually had to throw an IDE drive into the system for something to install onto). My system has 4 Sata drives, 2 of which that are striped. While I can get them to be recognized (the striped drives), for some reason, they won't show up in disk manager. I think raid support is there, somewhere. If I install the nVidia drivers, it actually stops the driver install, citing that the user stopped it (which, of course, I didn't).
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