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  1. I've already got SP3 downloaded. I'm not sure if some WGA stuff is embedded within the SP3 update because I can't seem to find any published list of the updates that are included in SP3. Maybe it's not even included, so I don't have to remove anything? If I need WGA, I'll just download it from MS. I just don't want it on my XP disc when I integrate SP3 since it is unnecessary and I didn't have it on my other XP disc. I like to have a bit of control over which updates I install, not just accept them all as a package willy-nilly.
  2. When I integrated SP2, the only changes I made were patching uxtheme.dll, patching tcpip.sys and patching sfc_os.dll. I would like to do the same with a XPSP3 Integrated disc before burning it, except I would also like to remove all the WGA crap too, since I will not be needing it. What do I do to remove the WGA stuff before burning the disc?
  3. Thanks. Some of these files are 404's now.
  4. Not exactly answering your question but I need to use F6/drivers on floppy when installing XP since I have a ULi SATA controller. I guess I used some older drivers on the first floppy because when I updated them with later SATA drivers, one of my programs (Drive Image which drops down to DOS for creating and restoring images) ran about 6 times faster with the new driver! I'm glad I tried a newer driver.

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