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  1. Hi, Have a look at AutoIT, there are some scripts there to automatically shutdown the PC, also look into running script as a service, this will allow it to be run when PC is locked or logged out. http://www.autoitscript.com/forum/index.ph...amp;hl=shutdown
  2. Hi, Hope someone could shed some light on this, I'v looked through the PE forum, and looked through the WAIK guides. I'm trying to set up WindowsPE, so i can deploy XP images to machines, I am trying to setup so all the Locale settings are set to UK-gb (for the UK), i'v tried using the wpeutil (looking on the micrososft developer site the UK is listed as en-gb), and the keyboard layout wpeutil SetMuiLanguage en-gb;en-US (get 0x80070057 error) wpeutil SetUserLocale en-gb;en-US (get 0x8007007b error) wpeutil SetKeyboardLayout 0000:00000809 (get 0x80074005 error) I read a response on one a previous post that wpeutil SetKeyboardLayout 0000:00000809 worked for them, but i keep getting the error, i'v googled these error codes, an got nothing that helped. I read in the WAIK that you can import then install language packs, but no information on how to identify the language packs, i have a pile of directories in system 32 (on my mounted wim file) aor which is the one i need. There seems to be little info on setting this up in the WinPE.chm doc. Please could someone help or point in the right direction ? Regards
  3. I had this problem, and found this can be caused by to long a USB cable (the max is 5 meters ish ). also found the quality of some cables can be an issue (so one 5 meter cable will work another one may not) , try using another USB cable and if it's long try wrapping this up, as they tend not to cause the problem if the lenght of cable is coiled up.
  4. The circuit in a battery pack, is used to monitor the cells, there is a thermal fuse, so if the batteries get to hot this blows, thus breaking the circuit and stop the battery catching fire, (kinda what could have gone wrong in all those batteries that were recalled by dell etc) If you get two rechargeble cells and short them out, this will create a situation where the cells fuse together, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. As mentioned above, over time particles build up around the cathode (+) (i think) and this prevents them from charging/giving current, and they die, You have to have some kind of regulator that monitors the batteries, you have these in the batteries in your mobile phone.
  5. Hi, take the Hard Disk out of the usb enclosure, and check the jumper pins on the back of the HDD, on top is usually a diagram showing this you need the jumper to be in Master, not slave or C/S (cable select) put it all back together and it should then appear in my computer. All encosures i have used need the HDD to be set to master in order for it to actually apear as it should, otherwise windows will detect it, though you carn't do nothing with it
  6. HI, My first post, you can use net user <name> <password> /add command then use another one (carnt remember it, if you type net though you get the command options) that removes said user from the Administraror group, once done you can then see this in user accounts in control pannel

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