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  1. I hope everyone hasn't quit on this thread just yet. I am still open to any comments anyone has on the subject. I would also like to know if anyone else has gone through this experience before. Thanks again!
  2. In my untechnical brain, how many differenct ways can a system read 1s and 0s. I will give it a try. I have ordered a new Intel chipset since I can't find the old Mobo. I really like my old MoBo. Ol well. I will report back when the new board arrives.
  3. Hello Everyone, I have an Asus P4s800D-e that just did on me. I have a couple of drives set up as RAID 0. I know windows used a SIS180 driver. How do I recover the information? I can't buy the same board. Can't find it on pricewatch anyway. Do I need to buy a board that used the same RAID chipset or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I am wondering if I could use the Raid drivers from XP? Is there a set of beta drivers somewhere if I cant. Thanks fellas for any input on this matter.
  5. Sorry for being such a newb but can someone tell me how to make an sfx file or where to find a tutorial. Thanks!!
  6. I have a little bit of everything. Mainly I need software, music and video backup. Money is an object in my case. Low on funds until wife finds herself. Still, I have only received one recommendation. Are there any others?
  7. Hello everyone, I have a couple of 80 gig harddrives that need to be backed up to DVD. Thing is I don't want to use say 34 dvds to do this. Does anyone have any software recommendation that has good compression?
  8. I was wondering if anyone has done an unattended MCE install? I wish to reduce the number of disk from 2 to 1. How can I get the install to look for the files on the first instead of second CD? 2.) Can I eliminate some directories (Lanq, support, etc.)? 3.) Is the winnt.sif the same as XP pro? Any suggestion will be more than appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. No one said if this entry works or not. Does anyone know for sure? NonDriverSigningPolicy = Ignore
  10. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer to the following question: 1.) How to splitstream the Easy CD Creator updates into the original? 2.) Create an answer file with serial, accept license, etc. ? 3.) Is there a silent install (I have checked the quide for this yet)? THanks!
  11. I quess that's my problem. Ive always only installed the drivers. What's up with the audigy control panel?
  12. I quess that's my problem. Ive always only installed the drivers. What's up with the audigy drivers?
  13. Wow, no answers. Must be terribly confusing.
  14. I see a couple of different way people are installing drivers for these devices. What is the advantage of not just pointing the install right to the WDM director for the audigy drivers. Or just extracting the nvidia drivers to a folder and pointing to is?
  15. I know there is a difference but I find very little use of the MSN messenger. A few of my relatives need remote assistance so I still use the old and its a lot more slimmed down for me.
  16. Well guys, thanks for looking. It took me a while as I went back to the guide and followed the directions for the installer type and it works. That's two cents on that. cya.
  17. From what I think I know, utln should be the ticket. I will try and let you know. Thank
  18. Well that didnt work. Im bad to begging. Anyone?
  19. My bad. It has an msi file. Will try that switch.
  20. Does anyone have a working RunOnceEX entry for Adobe Reader 6.0.1?
  21. Anyone know of a silent install for Quicken 2003? I'm also trying to make this an entry to RunOnceEx. Any ideas?
  22. Just to add, the hotfixes are the critical updates right. If so, Im cool on those as they are installed through svrpack. There are only 14 recommended updates that I want to install so I doubt it would go off the screen. I think Alanoll has the best idea of what I am trying to do but still missing in a small way.

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