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  1. free proxies

    I remember trying to find good proxies to crack Yahoo IDs with. God... how pointless and time consuming that was.
  2. foxie=fox+ie

    I would have checked it out if they didn't completely rip off the firefox webpage layout.
  3. [Desktops] 2005

    Yeah i'm starting to dislike Norton because it's a resource hog but I don't like most of the alternatives. Which car do you mean? I wish the one on my desktop was mine The one in my avatar is mine though Thanks
  4. [Desktops] 2005

    Here's mine...nothing special but not bad for a beginner I guess (Click to enlarge) Clean: Dirty:
  5. uxtheme.dll not working right

    That worked great, thanks
  6. I tried changing my boot screen and when I rebooted my computer wouldn't start up so I had to repair my xp installation. Now everything is back up and running perfectly but I can't change my themes anymore. When I try to use the program that came with the uxtheme pack (drag the old file onto the command prompt then drag the new one one) it says it works so I rebooted and tried to change my theme and no luck. I also tried to just copy and past the file into my system32 directory but it says that uxtheme.dll is in use by another program or something. It's basically doing the same thing it did when my trial for themexp ran up (before I just got the modified uxtheme.dll). This sucks because I got my desktop and all my apps looking really nice together finally and now i'm stuck with the XP theme. Anyone know how I could fix this?
  7. [Desktops] 2005

    This is my first shot at this, i'm just using a modified uxtheme.dll file instead of using themexp. I just have the Hyperion theme...nothing special http://img313.imageshack.us/img313/5576/desktop3ra.jpg
  8. add/remove programs error

    This is a fresh install of XP, just formatted today and I don't know what I did wrong. This happens when I click add or remove programs.
  9. I wanted to know if there was a place to download themes without having to get the bundled search toolbar and god knows what else with them. I am currently using style XP, but I can change the program i'm using if it's needed. Thanks.