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  1. [Desktops] 2005

    thanx all. forgot to write some infos: desktop: active desktop (+ run protocol handler) picture: taken from devart (author unknown?!). a little bit modified. rainlendar: skin = none, only text + the picture as the todo's background. system: highly hacked xp pro, sp1. visual style: MINUS4[]/2 (modified. the same as last time btw. + new desk color) icons: hehe, there is nowhere! fonts: mainly drifter five (modified) and somewhere hooge 05_53. winamp skin: sumea .amp, recolored + modded. (i plan to change it) miranda: skin = none, default, + tabsrmm.dll + hacks. console window: console v1.5 desktopmenu picture: byblos shell extension desktop "shortcuts" menu item: with contextaware shell extension systray icons: made by me
  2. [Desktops] 2005

    here is mine. not only for october. B) clean and dirty
  3. (in xp) to uncompress the JP_ file (and all files ended with this "_" ) just copy the file to "c:/" (or anywhere) and then write this line "expand -r c:/the file.jp_" to cmd.exe or the run box. this command will uncompress the file and you will got the real extension. (dll, exe, etc)
  4. changing art for mstsc

    yes. the bitmap is in the mstsc.exe file. >>> bitmap 619.
  5. if anyone has problems with this old/new bitmaps in comctl32.dll, here is the solution. there is one version of comctl32.dll in the windows/system32 folder. and there is another version in C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\ (in my case: C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.2600.1643_x-ww_7c3a9bc6).. it depends the UPDATES what you have. so just replace the bitmaps in all comctl32.dll files and no more old bitmaps. the C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\ version has the new bitmaps and the system32 version has the old ones...
  6. Startup Movie?

    maybe another solution if you create a flash movie file and convert to exe (create projector on flash player file menu) and put it to the startup folder. you can close this flash automaticaly (action script) after it has been finished. you can do a lot of things with flash! (fullscreen, sounds, etc.. what you want) i didn't try this yet, but maybe works.
  7. download dialog help

    hmm.. i think it is not a bg but the 3d objects color of the windows. see the pic! 3d object's color is the same as the menu's color. i think.
  8. Customizing the Add/Remove Programs Window

    I think the Add/Remove Programs Window's layout stored in xpsp1res.dll (service pack1) or xpsp2res.dll (if sp2 installed) >> RC Data >> 100; 101 and 102. these files are the same as the shellstyle.dll UIFILEs. You can't see this RC Datas with reshack. Only with resource program which use UPX unpacker, like PE EXPLORER! (heaventools.com, not free but a good program. has 30 days trial.). I didn't modify this yet, so i don't know it is really for that... but i think this is for Add/Remove Programs Window's layout. And a little bit more complicated than shellstyle.dll's uifile.
  9. download dialog help

    i dont know how to change the background. maybe that is a bitmap in the background?! hmm.. could you give me a link to "alienware themes"?. i want to see it and maybe i will got some useful information about changing background...etc.
  10. download dialog help

    the downloading dialog is in the shdoclc.dll > dialog 4352. this is when you see the status of the dfownloads. remaining times, speed, etc.. the ask dialog (win asks; save or open the file) is in xpsp1res.dll > dialog 4416. (if you got sp2 the required dll i think xpsp2res.dll). dialog number maybe the same... i dont know. i am using sp1.