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  1. Doom movie teaser trailer

    looks more like resident evil then it does like any of the doom games. seriously tho, the demons r mutants? u cant have doom without HELL and DEMONS, thats the whole premise of the games. way to go hollywood, gamers everywhere appreciate yet another game based movie.
  2. movie games

    actually the cast of the DOA movie does have alot of pornstars in it
  3. Doom 3 - Resurrection of Evil

    doom 3 was ok for the first 2 levels, then it just began to suck. same thing over and over, the graphics are good, but since the color palette is mostly different shades of gray, that isnt sayign much, compared to far-crys wide variety of colors doom 3 has nothing. also the game is just so repetative: pick up ammo monsters jump out making u use up the ammo open a door monster jumps through wall open door monster jumps through wall etc. and the gravity gun, or whatever the hell they call it, how original... im not going to even talk about the multiplayer...if u can even call it that. imo for the amount of time Id spent on making that game, it should have been much better. however quake 4 looks promising, i might pick it up as a release game when i get 360.
  4. anyone play cs source or halo 2?

    personally next to hl2, i thought far cry was the second best shooter of last year. however in cs, it seems if i aim to the right of someone as they r strafing right, i kill them, but then ppl spectating in my first-person view say "OMG U H@X CUZ THERE WUZ NO PERSON WHERE U SHOT" and i get booted, lol. even though its a VAC server ppl still complain about hacks.
  5. upgrading to sp2 *need help*

    yay, it installed perfectly thanks for the help Zxian
  6. upgrading to sp2 *need help*

    well i ran the programs, and i am free of any sort of malware/spyware/virus etc. i just cant seem to install ANY updates now, they download ok, but they do not install. i dont get any error messages, all i get is "failed to install" then it closes.
  7. upgrading to sp2 *need help*

    he sorry for not replying, was away for a few days. anyway, no, i still am unable to install it. it is downloaded alreay but whenever i try to install it, it just fails.
  8. upgrading to sp2 *need help*

    ok i do start>run>C:\boot.ini it opens up in notepade, i remove the line of text i click "save" and get a message "cannot create c:\boot.ini please make sure the path and filename are correct." so i click "OK" and a save box comes up, i type "boot.ini" in for the file name, and click save i then get the message "boot.ini this file exists with read only attributes. please use a different file name."
  9. upgrading to sp2 *need help*

    ok i found it. here is what is inside: [boot loader] timeout=0 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (bootscreen)" /fastdetect /KERNEL=kernel1.exe multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /fastdetect im guessing remove the multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (bootscreen)" /fastdetect /KERNEL=kernel1.exe ??
  10. upgrading to sp2 *need help*

    ah my mistake. anyway it says the one in c:\windows\pss is a backup, i did Start > Search > boot.ini and the backup is the only file that is showing up is the search results. i used a program called StyleXP to change it originally, however the free trial on that ran out so i removed it. Does anyone know how to get around the trial expiration? or know a place I can get the full version?
  11. anyone play cs source or halo 2?

    wow, i always thought the hitboxes were over the character graphics. this explains how people always snipe me before i see them
  12. movie games

    also forgot about these far cry silent hill rainbow six splinter cell crazy taxi blood rayne tekken
  13. movie games

    ok so far i know of the following games being made into movies halo - starring master chief max payne - starring a guy who talks too much hitman - starring vin diesel metroid - umm? doom - starring the rock dead or alive - starring supermodels and porn stars *im serious about the rock and vin diesel tho* any ones i missed? opinions? outlooks? i have very low expectations for game movies, especially after seeing resident evil 2
  14. well for me its Halo 3 (gotta see how this ends) and Day of Defeat: Source. also just got Forza Motorsport...best racing game...wait best racing sim i ever played. hehe