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  1. Hi Fernando, I'm formatting pc to make a clean install and want to use latest drivers Before I successfully used "32bit AMD SBxxx textmode driver v3.3.1540.22 for XP mod by Fernando" and now I want to use your latest but website is unavaiable... so download is not possible Thank you again if you fix this! (and also if not)
  2. plz when you have time update to v0.7.64 thanks in advance!!!
  3. BubbleBobble


    I usually load a "Last session_u.ini" with these (working) settings: [users] Administrator|||True|Administrators||True|False|True Guest|||False|Guests||True|False|False SetupUser|||True|Administrators||False|True|False then if I keep oobe I usually create a new one and delete "SetupUser" after WinXPhome installation, otherwise I use SetupUser to create other accounts
  4. Hi Fernando, I have to test again sata drivers, this time will be with Xp Home on another mobo: AMD785G+ SB710 Chipset. Sorry for the question but I'm not a pc-expert...can you tell me which is the difference between this two drivers and which one should I choose? I'm confused since U say that first ones are "modded", while the WHQL are the original drivers... but I see that download link for the WHQL is from your host site and not from AMD/ATI site...
  5. thnx! my question is due to "an advice" during winXp setup: having data and files inside other partitions, I just created only the primary partition for Xp and the message on the blue screen setup was a little different from other several partition builds, it was like "creating ahci x86 partition" or something similar. But anyway, I'm not experiencing any problem, everything its fine and your answer is good enough to me! It was just a confirmation for an ahci newbie user :-)Bye, Alex
  6. Hi Fernando, thanks for the drivers, they work perfectly (one shot, one kill! and was the first time I was trying AHCI mode).Here's my report (WinXP-PRO-Sp3 x86): 1. Integrated Xp updates +addons and tweaks with nLite without building iso, then made last pass only with your "32bit AMD SBxxx textmode driver v3.3.1540.22 for XP mod by Fernando" and burned the Iso 2. It's an Asrock AOD790GX with SB700 3. yeah, booted in bios SATA mode options were IDE(which was previous), RAID or AHCI. Choose AHCI and then made my unattended install woth no errors. Used Pc for 1 hour, everything OK Thanks again! ////////////////////////////// Sorry if I ask here, just a stupid newbie question: for performance/stability is it better to do a fresh build of the others partitions, since I moved from IDE to AHCI or can I still safetly use those ones I created when I was in Ide mode?
  7. I confirm that with those modified drivers Xp setup doesn't give any bsod and I was finally successful to install in v.box sata controller. I think you should mention in the fir post and give instructions about this. I was going crazy not to be able to test my iso with Virtual Box! Thank you 4 everything and have a good year!
  8. Hi! if it can be useful, this is an addon from an italian guy: [Release] DAEMON TOOLS LITE 4.30.4 V2/26.05.09 it's for the italian version of DT, but it has no banners no ads at all. The guy was a genious, but doesn't post/update anymore... Hope it can help (maybe you can try to see how he did it)
  9. ok maybe this will work: from a xp-sp2 cd without the integration of KB923191 hotfix I have to copy in the same directory fo an xp-sp3 integrated cd these files: \I386 COMCTL32.DL_ \I386\asms\60\msft\windows\common\controls comctl32.dll controls.cat controls.man \I386\asms\60\policy\60\comctl comctl.cat comctl.man hope will work, I'll tell you soon, bye
  10. Yes I think that's the way ...but how? I have regoular XP-SP2 cd (Home and Pro) without the patch KB923191 (got them before the release of KB923191). So if I don't install KB923191, the bug doesn't occour. If I install the hotfix, the bug usually happens. It happens also if I install Xp-sp3 from setup (obvious, the patch is included in xp-sp3). Well, the only thing I've not still tried is to do a clean install with xp-sp2 cd slipstreamed to xp-sp3 (integration). But I don't think that will work, because at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917556/en-us the issue is still "to patch" and not fir e.g. "patched with Xp-Sp3" Yes, thank you anyway! There are also other solutions (regsvr32 shgina.dll ecc.), I've tried them all, but doesn't work. The fact is that I'm not the only user of the 3 Pcs, and the other people are very very newbies and they don't know how to do with ctrl+alt+canc and so on... So I prefer to uninstall (or not install) the update, rather than hearing everytime "Hey! this Pc is locked! I cannot type my password!" thank you all for the answers... still waiting for some other solution...
  11. Hi everybody! that's my first post and, first of all, I'm from Italy, so sorry for my english! I have 3 Pc (Xp Pro and XpHome) and this always happens: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917556/en-us That' because all of my users have a password So, since I think that at 99% the bug is due to KB923191 hotfix, I would be thankful if anyone knows how to remove it from XP-SP3. I know how to manually integrate Xp-Sp3 to my Xp-Sp2 files (from command Dos Prompt). And, of course, I have the possibility to get unpatched files from Xp-Sp2 Cd... so that I can replace them after XP-SP3 integration... But I don't know what to replace and exspecially I'm a little concerned about the reg entries into the Registry... So what to do?
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