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  1. Hi, Anyone happen to have a vbs script or a tool that close the cd trays? I would like to close the cd trays after it finish the unattened installation and then turn off the computer using the shutdown command. -Kenneth
  2. Hi, I'm using the cmdline.txt to append my registry tweaks to the Default User. However, I notice some of the registry tweaks are not updated in the registry when I look at the registry after the unattended installation is finish. If I append the registry tweak from the same file (win_hkcu.reg) again, it works fine. Anyone else experience this inconsistent when trying to append the registry tweaks to the Default User during the cmdline.txt? What is the cause of the problem? Here is a simple of my main.cmd that is executed for the registry tweaks: ECHO Importing Registry Tweaks START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\SFC_OS.reg" START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\win_00.reg" START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\win_hkcu.reg" START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\win_hkcr.reg" START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\win_hklm.reg" START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\win_ie.reg" START /wait REGEDIT /s /u ".\Tweaks\win_wmp.reg" ECHO DONE ECHO.
  3. Numinous, this is my first time editing a hiv file. I know how to edit a registry file ended with .reg. Can you the syntax of how to edit a hiv file or point me to some source? Or is there a tool you can use to edit it? Thanks for your aswsome tip. Can't wait to put my registry tweak in it to make the job lot easier. hehe... -Kenneth
  4. Hi, How do you install applications after the user have login during the unattend installation? There are some applications that I would like to be able to install it after the user have login. So far, I have the cmdline.txt to install and update the Windows Components, Hotfixes, and Drivers and also apply registry tweaks to Default User, and finally create a new user account before 2nd reboot. -Kenneth
  5. I'm not familar with the repatition option, but if you set the autopatition to "yes", then Windows Setup will install Windows to the first available partition that has adequate space for a Windows installation and does not already contain an installed version of Windows." I believe if you turn on the repatition, you will need to write to automatic it or Windows Setup automatically delete all the partitions in hard drive and repatition as one single patition. I might be wrong on this. -Kenneth
  6. Thanks Juno. I'll test it tomorrow when I come to work and let you know. I search through microsoft web site and provides no help at all. Seem, there are only ways to do unattended installation is through a CD or Remote Network. Interesting... -Kenneth
  7. I have a working unattended cd setup. If I want to make an unattended installation using an external hard drive or a secondary hard drive or partition, what modification do you need to do on the unattended cd setup to make it to work? Do I just need to copy exact same cd setup over the hard drive and then modify the winnt.bat. Assuming it is using the winnt.bat. etc... Any tips on this as how to get started on this one? -Kenneth
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions. I was just about going to ask if it is possible to just copy the Windows Setup CD /i386 folder to the an external hard drive and then boot it from a bootable disk or bootable zip drive. Finally run the smartdrv and then winnt.exe to start the Windows Setup. That would be the best option that I have. We have a dos usb driver that will work. So that will not be a problem. Normally I don't care about automating this 10 computers but they have decided to use this as testing machine that will need to regularly reinstall it. That's why I wanted to know how to use the unattended installation from an external hard drive instead of a CD. I'll let you guys what the result is. I'll be doing within 2 weeks from now. -Kenneth
  9. Thanks tcsdoc and aaronxp for replies. 6 of the systems can be booted from the USB Hard Drive. The other 4 systems cannot but have a floppy drive. There is always a workaround. My ideas is to boot it off from a floppy drive and then run Windows Setup unattended from the USB Hard Drive. Can this be done? Another reason that I would like to install it from a removable or external drive is so that I can easily modify the unattended files without going through thte compiling and burning of a cd. I personally have a nice external drive but not bootable thought. If anyone can shed some lighton this... I really appreciated. Thanks. Why does Microsoft make life so hard? I mean what is the main difference between btw CD and Non-CD unattended setup beside it is bootable and not bootable. -Kenneth
  10. @AaronXP and Sunil Interesting... I couldn't get it to delete my screensavers on my unattended. I'll try and rearrange order according your. I have mines delete the screensavers from "%systemroot%\system32\ and then %systemroot%\system32\dllcache\. I thought it was the WFP that is causing it with the Windows CD Setup in it. I'll let you know guys if I have anymore problems. -Kenneth
  11. Hi, I know this forum only talks about the unattended CD. I have a little dilema in which we have 10 computers of our clients doesn't have a CD Drive and but have an external USB Hard Drive connected. How does one create an unattended installation for Windows XP if it is possible. What are the modification do I need to do on my working unattended CD setup? Thanks. -Kenneth
  12. Hi, can you share your registry tweaks for? I would love to check out some of the tweaks that you have. Specially the Quick Launch bar and the "Shortcut to" prefix which I like to remove. -Kenneth
  13. Welcome GreenMachine. I thank you for being so caring in helping others on this as we are all learning. I can't wait to write a short guide for others on this once I learn it myself. Thanks for the long detail post. It really clears up some of the things. Here is what I don't understand. If it is true that some of the settings that you change using the registry tweaks which will be resetted when you log off or log back on next time, then how does Windows actually save the new settings permanently when you change them directly but through a registry file (.reg)? For example, if I remove the "Shortcut To" prefix using PowerToys Tweakui, how does it make the permanent changes? It must be saved somewhere. But if I apply the same tweak using a registry tweak, nothing happens as it compares to using Tweakui. Also, I notice 90% of the settings in Explorer can be change through a registry file. This is very mind blogging. Anyone else have any inside on this. At first I thought that some of the tweaks cannot be done through a registry file is because some requires more than just the changes in registry keys. -Kenneth
  14. Nice job Devil... I really love it. I'm going to email you some suggestions. Check your e-mail. -Kenneth
  15. @GreenMachine That's exactly what I did. I use your unattended method. I apply all my registry tweaks during the pre-gui setup mode. But still, I couldn't get this two tweaks to work. ;Disable Remove the prefix "Shortcut to" when creating a new shortcuts. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer] "Link"=hex:00,00,00,00 ;Disable Group similar taskbar buttons [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "TaskbarGlomming"=dword:00000000 Seem like you know ins and outs about the Windows XP Installation Process. Can you provide a detail step of what the setup is doing at various points of the installation? That would really clear up some of the issues we are all having. For example: 1. Setup Copying: Copies all of setup files over to the hard drive and then reboot to Pre-GUI Setup Mode or Text Setup Mode. 2. Pre-Gui Setup Mode: Uses the Default User Profile. Install and configure the Windows XP. etc.. Gets to 13Minute point, execute your cmdline.txt. etc... When done, reboot your computer to GUI Setup Mode. 3. GUI Setup Mode: etc.. You can fill this out. It was just an outline. -Kenneth
  16. Nice... I'm going to test it out too and see how it works out. How about removing those default screen savers without disabling the Windows File Protection and then reenabled after you are done? Is that possible? -Kenneth
  17. For the past 2 dayds, I have being testing and verifying various registry tweaks that I found. So far, I come across this two tweaks that I cannot get to work but seem everyone is using. How many of you got this working? If so, is there a special process such you have to apply it during a new installation? Because all my testing are tested on already installed Windows. The way that I tested my tweaks is that I either logff and log back on or reboot my computer. ;Disable Remove the prefix "Shortcut to" when creating a new shortcuts. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer] "Link"=hex:00,00,00,00 ;Disable Group similar taskbar buttons [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "TaskbarGlomming"=dword:00000000 What is this registry tweak for? I find it in one of the post but when I tried, nothing happen or at least didn't find any changes takes place after I applied. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced] "ShowAttribCol"=dword:00000001 Has anyone successful create a registry tweaks for the various Visual Effects (Control Panel > System > Advance Tab > Performance) ? The one that I'm particular interested is to disable the "Common Tasks in Folder". Also, another registry tweak I'm interested is switch from default Icon Views to Detail Views in Windows Explorer. -Kenneth
  18. Spheris, thanks for the full list. I have being searching over the web and no such luck. By any chance, do you have a description of each components? Some of them, it's hard to decipher by looking at the name of the component. -Kenneth
  19. That's awsome... Is there a way to change the user name picture in left side of the user name in Start Menu? -Kenneth
  20. Thanks demlak for the tip. I'll check it out. -Kenneth
  21. You can add your own registry tweaks on the Finish page. Just add which ones you want to the bottom (or the appropriate section if you like having them grouped), before you press the create button. Yeah I know you can add it in the Finish section. But I'm more interested in which I can actually add it to the actual tweak list in the program itself so you can reuse it anytime. -Kenneth
  22. Thanks for the lengthen explaination of the issue. For me, my only goal is to create a default user so that I can use to install some of the programs that is requires it such Powertoys Tweakui for multiple user accounts and not to use the Adminstrator account to install it. Everything else such as the Windows Component updates can be installed in cmdline.txt with no problem. Tomorrow, I'm going to your method and let you know what the result is. -Kenneth
  23. Thanks AaronXP. Just making sure since there was no reference to it. -Kenneth
  24. Is this hacked version theme DLL for Windows XP or Windows SP1 or both? -Kenneth
  25. Thanks for everyone who replied my question. GreenMahcine: Yes I'm still having the same problem. Not sure what is causing. I thought maybe the workaround is to create the user account in the GUI mode. I guess maybe I should enable the Welcome Screen so the user account is created manually for now. Will that work? -Kenneth

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