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  1. Thank you for your insight. I used 'F8" key and disabled the "Automatic Restart on System Failure" and yet the computer rebooted. I ran in safe mode and the last driver it loads was classPnP and then reboots. Thank you for your time and effort in helping out. Any things I could try further? Regards nutcr0cker
  2. I two PCs, one with win& x64 and other with win7 32bit. I need to setup 14 PCs, some with win7 x32 and some with win7 x64 depending on the processor support. Some are C2D some are single core and some are quadcore with different SATA. I download the latest driver packs and using the vernalex tool (SysPrep Driver Scanner) scanned/added the drivers ( chipset and mass storage drivers only)and also copied the drivers in the c:\windows\INF folder(no unattend.xml file).. Then I ran sysprep(OOBE and generalize) followed by shutdown. Backed up the image using acronis(my version does not have universal restore) When I reimahed another PC with the image the PC hets stuck in a boot loop. If any expert around here could please help me with a few questions. I am fimiliar with the winXP image creation but not with Win 7 since my first attemp was a dismal failure. 1. Do I need to add textmode drivers for the SATA storage? If yes how/whichtool? 2. Is it possible to add SATA drivers to the current install that is stuck in the boot loop? 3. Is there any utility to get all the drivers without installing win 7 on the machine 4. Is there a guide for what I am trying to do. TIA
  3. Thanks for the reply MrJinje. Thst exactly is my problem. By default win7 only gives the system full rights. The owner has only read only rights. Is there anyway to set the owner rights to full control. Since trying it through the permissions or advanced tab gives you permission denied error. Regards nutcr0cker
  4. I am trying to delete one USB key in windows 7 x86. I am logged in as the the admin. However when I try to delete a registry key(USB device) I always get error while deleting a key. I tried the permissions by setting the admin account as the owner but I get error registry editor cannot set the owner. Anyone else enounter this one. TIA
  5. Bitvise tunnelier is a great product Could someone pleae upload ths one TIA
  6. Can someone please upload the TortoiseCVS addon for nlite http://www.tortoisecvs.org/download.shtml Edit: I am also looking for the TightVNC addon http://www.tightvnc.com/download.html Regards nutcr0cker
  7. I had the same problem for XP I used this guide its a video turorial http://www.vernalex.com/guides/sysprep/video.shtml
  8. I have been trying to load XP on this machine compaq CQ60-214DX. I slipstreamed the ICH9 drivers but now at the end of the installation is get a BSOD any IDEas on how. Regards
  9. Thanks for the quick response.That is the point I am confused. How do I Capture an vmx file with acronis TI? Can I set the virtual appliance to boot from cd, put in a bootable acronis cd and capture the image?
  10. I created the VMware image of vista have the .vmx file. Is it possible to deploy this image on to a physical PC?. Any links or tutorials would be helpful. I did a google search but not much help Also found this site http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?t=141107 The site however has no info on loading a vmware image onto a physical PC TIA Regards
  11. I created a ghost image of an XP system following a sysprep operation. It worked on 3-4 computers with no issues however on one computer it does not work.....the systems keeps on rebooting. I looked the ghosted disk (copnnecting it to a usb enclosure and it does have the sysprep folder. I tried to add the sata drivers of that computer to the drivers folder but with no avail....Is thetre any thing I can do to fix the problem. Regards
  12. Thanks for the reply. I used the but when the system startes I had to enter the username and the product key manually desopite that I had created the autounattend.xml file in the sysprep folder
  13. I followed these steps 1. Install vista-Business 2. Install apps and other customizations 3. Copy Administrator profile to the default 4. run the waik to create a autounattend.xml file and also the autounattend2.xml file 5. copy the autounattend.xml & autounattend2.xml into the c:\windows\system32\sysprep folder 6. Run c:\windows\system32\sysprep\sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /unattend:autounattend.xml 7. After the computer finisdhes sysprep it should shutdown You can now ghost the image my questions are: 1. Does the autounattend.xml need to be in the root of c drive or the system32/sysprep folder. 2. Can you use the vlite created autounattend file 3. IS the sysprep folder in the system32 folder deleted automatically at the next reboot. 4. Can you just copy the system 32 folder without installing waik and execute the sysprep.exe. Regards
  14. I believe I am using the FRMCFRE_EN_DVD in the volume...unsure of the msdn credentials
  15. Hi, I did a search around but could not find info on this one. VISTA SP1 I am using a dvd that has install.wim file 1. extracted the dvd to hard disk 2. installed WAIK 3. launched WSI for the answer file initiaially it was giving me some error buit when I copied wingapi.dll in system 32 the error disappeared...now I am getting the error error generating catalog file for windows vista biusiness I read somewhere to rename the wim file to some thing else but not enough info....Has enyone encountered this before....please help me with the workaround Regards
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