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  1. if you integrate wmp11, only kb911564 is needed, because it upgrades an XP file, no matter what version of wmp you have installed. request of kb911565 is a MS bug: read posts #12 and #14
  2. Very nice link, JuMz! : perhaps I find the solution there (now I've got no time to try...). ...Modification of the signed inf files (e.g. swflash.inf or wmp.inf) causes the problem.... Before seeing for the first time the error messages, I directly slipstreamed in the uaCD the new flash 9.0.2 files (flash.ocx and swflash.inf) I will inform you: tnx
  3. i don't think so: all the files contained in I386 directory used during testing are exactly the same of the original windows cd (except winnt.sif and setupp.ini). However in txtsetup.sif, dosnet.inf, etc. there are no lines claiming for icfg95.dll, only for icfgnt.dll and icfgnt5.dll. all this look impossible but it's true: I've also thinked of an .iso burning error so i tried to recreate an iso of the original cd with the same sw (NLite) I used to create uacd. The new iso works like the original, the uacd instead shows those errors. It's driving me mad!
  4. absolutely no. I've made my tests always on blank fat32 formatted c: partition (no virtualpc). even in my CDs there's only icfgnt5.dll. I don't know neither what nor why asks me for that file.
  5. after 2 years of successful unattended cds, suddenly I've got on both my pcs these fatal errors at setup. I haven't found a reason. I made no modifications to their structure, always working in the past: deleting unuseful directories (support, sbsi, docs, valueadd, lang, win9xupg, ecc.) create my own Winnt.sif file and $OEM$ directory, containing cmdlines.txt and runonceex.cmd file for installing a few applications. I say, it always worked but now during setup, at T-15 (registering components) appears the following error message, who says (sorry, I translate from Italian: don't know if it's the exact phrase): "unable to load internet connection wizard - unable to find Icfg95.dll" Sure! That file doesn't exist on xp cd... now why do you ask for it? If i click on OK, the setup goes on normally. But at the last restart, when Runonceex.cmd is execute, new messages appear: "the windows installer service could not be accessed. You may be running in safe mode or windows installer may not be correctly installed" when Runonceex.cmd runs a .msi file. And again: "RPC server is unavailable..." when XP tries to install the printer driver, I've made hundreds of attempts, but it's always the same: my unattended cd, always perfect till yesterday, now works only with SP2 slipstreamed and Winnt.Sif. If I modify everything more...error! The problem appears before cmdlines.txt processing, so I don't think it's a $oem$ problem, and it is the same on 2 different pc. I googled for it but never read of something similar... Systems are both Win XP SP2 Home Italian OEM. Attached is the template of my Winnt.sif file (i also tried to remove some strings but with no success) Tnx WINNT.SIF
  6. Submited by RyanVM KB884020 -› Programs that connect to IP addresses that are in the loopback address range may not work as you expect in Windows XP Service Pack 2 Download -› 530 KB (September 17, 2004) Switches: KB884020.exe /q /n /z KB884020 is superseded by KB889527 884020: tcpip.sys 5.1.2600.2505 889527: tcpip.sys 5.1.2600.2591
  7. Anybody knows if is it possible doing a silent install of Office 2k/xp/2k3 in Upgrade Version (you know, the one who searches for another Office *.msi in every drive before it begins to installs; if not exists, it asks for)? I do a "search forum" hunt finding nothing tnx
  8. Nice job! now i have no setuperr.log annoying lines (except for WmPlayer.exe) the next NewWMP rar files would be really perfect if it could enclose also the cat files. tnx again
  9. sorry in advance if anyone has yet posted this but... if I add the NewWMP files to the i386 dir of my unattended winXp CD (with wmp10 slipstreamed by BtS tool) and i do a fresh install of windows, then setuperr.log file reports that only and all the NewWMP files are not digitally signed and also wfp claims (I don't like disabling wfp). Aren't the NewWMP compressed with CompressionBin (and ModifyPE)? tnx

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