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  1. I wait sourse code very long time! I dream add abbility rewrite only new files to the flash! I intagrate ms updates every mounth, because i need have distributive with latest updates! I install 5-10 system every mounth. Now when i use subj he make new copy of contents ( XppSp3 XppSp31 XppSp3.iso XppSp31.iso ......) But realy changed very small quontity files! You dont want make this feature. I try to do this self.
  2. It will be very well if design of main window little improve. Because in my monitor in 120dpi font resolution i have next views: text on button is cropped pROGRESS bar on stage DONE not 100%
  3. Many time's ago i create witj your nice tool boot flash! And it is very good!!! But time is going, hands waved and etc After making new XPSP3 with intgrated updates I try update my flash! First (and very fool) i copy only new files to flash by the explorer!!! Flash stay work not correct! Her drive letter is D ! But it must be U. Then i try copy with you tool! It nice copy all, but letter of flash is D. How to correct this? After copy I see that all information duplicated! In folder WINSETUP I see folders XPSP3 and XPSP31, and files XPpSP3.ISO and XPpSP31.ISO May bee your make additional buttons "Update contents" ? After pressing this button files and folders will be replaced changed files and folders to the same place, instead copy to new folders!?
  4. With beta 6 flash succesfullry created and booted. WIndows installed. But i have one big trouble. In my winnt.sif consists strings: [Unattended] OemPnPDriversPath = DRIVERS\00_CHIPSET\P5K;DRIVERS\01_NETWORK\MARVEL\8.56;DRIVERS\01_NETWORK\8056_8001;Drivers\01_NETWORK\RealTek;Drivers\01_NETWORK\8110S;Drivers\01_NETWORK\802BG\Winxp\;..... But after installing windows Xp drivers from list in OemPnPDriversPath not used. And i have many not installed devices. How to decide this trouble? And other little trouble linked with PeToUSB. This old program dont detected my eSATA Silicon Power 64Gb Flash. But your screept nice detect him !!! May be You write analog of this script?
  5. What do you mean, can you elaborate a bit? For example. After installing distributivs of WinXp to flash i need make some ntfs links on the flash. I have common folder with name "_soft_" for some various OS-es, which contain software for installing. Teh directory _soft_ must be present in WinXP/$OEM$/$1, Win7, ..... and simple in root of flash drive. And than i need copy some files to flash. When the source code of your nice script will be availible, i will make it. With regards!
  6. may be add for each system field and button for finalized aсtion's after copy system to the flash drive&
  7. To my regret in rxplorer files are copied twice despite presence of the symbolical link! Can be it is necessary to create a file of the control of links. After all autoit easily allows to do symbol links. (It is final only on NTFS) For example: FileCreateNTFSLink('c:\AutoIt',@ProgramFilesDir & '\AutoIt3') Where i can find betta 5&
  8. Well. Here details. We will assume we have a directory on a disk ntfs file system. For economy of a place some catalogues are not copied, and executed by symbolical links. As on DVD after optimisation we have the same picture. By means of subst command I mount this catalogue as an additional disk - CD_rom. At use WinSetupFromUSB there is a double copying! If volume occupied by dvd disk is 4,5 Gb but on flash drive it occupies vore then 8Gb (like a cd-rom without optimithation). In particular I have a directory _Soft_ with volume 3Gb in the catalogue "$OEM $ \$1\ _ Soft_" and as in root catalogue "_Soft_". This two catalogue are identical! There are also some other such catalogues. As that is a pity to me of this place, but each time to alter hands it would not be desirable!
  9. I add two URL too: http://forum.oszone.net/thread-140892-38.html - last page of GUI updates integrator - more new then jaclaz http://forum.oszone.net/thread-95273-13.html - autorun addon
  10. Liko_T Hi. Thank you for the nice script. Where i may dowbload source code for 1.0 b4 version? Or it is now imposible? (I understud and use AutoIt) When i run script, i see baloon message about of error of lazy write. and i see message that device (Flash disk) was removed from system and inserting back. In addition this process require many time for DVD and on the error it breaking at all. I dream that you will adding feature for verifying off result of copying and renewing if required! And will be nice if process will be not breakable if it possible. When i work with my mounted iso XP disk i see that WinSetupFromUSB dont understud symbolic link. And therefore he make copy 2 or more time. It is will be very nice if he may make simbol link on NTFS partition instead to do copy files once more. In process i obtain next error: CODE 2010/02/09 23:23:15- Could not replace original Setup.exe, aborting... 2010/02/09 23:23:15- Removing TEMP folder 2010/02/09 23:23:15- ---------------------------------Program quited----------------------------------------------- On my disk the original setap.exe was chenged spicail version from BOA autorun setup program. The couses of error in this or not? Sorry for my English.
  11. I'm sorry! I bad explan. I try say this other words. Lets begin: I make many CD and DVD for various OS. ( w9x w2k wXp w2k3 ) The set of software is identical for ol systems, but for CD and DVD variant he has different set. I dream that this set of software will locate in ONEs places, but in time "make of ISO image" the set must be included to image from this place. This place dont must be in catalog for OS of target CD/DVD. Form example it will next structure of directory on hard disk: Distributivs W9X WXP W2K W2K3 When I make DVD for WXP, on disk must directory Distributivs and contents of WXP. In other words, on root of target disk must be Distributivs with her contens and contents of WXP. Today when i create ISO with CDIMAGE the Distributivs placed in all system directorys (W9X WXP W2K W2K3). I hope that it is more clearing explanation!
  12. Whether to me here it is interesting the given program can to collect a disk from different catalogues. The matter is that at configuration of disks for systems w2k wXp w2k3 wXp64 it is necessary to store{keep} the same set of distribution kits in each catalogue of a target disk as I create iso an image by means of program CDIMAGE 2.47 © Microsoft, 1993-2000. The given program takes files and catalogues only from the catalogue of a source, but not the list of catalogues. Therefore such structure is duplicated in catalogues for all systems. It borrows{occupies} a lot of place, but also very uneasily to update their contents. Use of symbolical communications{connections} under wXp has not helped{assisted}. Them CDIMAGE 2.47 for catalogues ignores! There can be your program solves this problem more elegantly, or you know the best decision?

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