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  1. I'm now almost sure that the problem is produced by nLite. I can't see how removing images and backgounds or music samples or help and support or manual install or some other trivial things can produce the error.

    Here's the link to the fingerprint reader application. It doesn't require to have the fp sensor installed on machine.


  2. it seems that the error i get is produced by removing anything from these sections:



    operating system options

    i'm curious if it's a bug in nlite


    THis might shed some light on my problem.

    Test 1:

    Removed all the languages and keyboard layouts, made iso, tested and it works ok.

    Test 2:

    Further removed almost all drivers, made iso ... ok.

    Test 3:

    Removed the usual stuff from Hardware support section ... ok.

    Test 4:

    Removed the usual stuff from Network section and Services section ... ok.

    Test 5:

    Removed Images and Backgrounds and Music Samples from Multimedia section... ERROR

    Test 6:

    Removing few apps from Applications section gives error (I kept Images and Backgrounds and Music Samples)

    Test 7:

    Removing things from Operating system section gives error

  3. im trying to install fingerprint software on my nlited xp sp3 5503 laptop (lenovo n200) but it (installshield) keeps throwing error 1720, something like script required to run,... cannot be found. the script is named ATSwpDrwFolder something. i tried numerous combination but no joy. if i use only customize, unattend and tweak sections in nlite (latest build), then i can install fingerprint reader no problem. so it must be that some component is required.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. of course its possible, but youll have to change the location of my docs in at least one os. even better is to make a script or make a reg key to automate the task.

    i put my docs on a third partition visible to both the operating systems, then i simply change the location of my docs.

  5. Hi!

    First off, the usual multiboot scenario doesn't seem convinient to me.The usual multiboot scenario is like the following:

    1. Make two primary partitions

    2. Install XP

    3. Install Vista

    4. Use Vista boot manager to choose the OS

    I don't like this scenario because when deleting or formating XP partition you loose access to Vista partition.

    The only acceptable scenario is the following:

    1. Make two primary partitions

    2. Using eg., Partition Magic, make the first partition (or second one, doesn't make the difference) active and the other one hidden

    2. Install XP

    2. Using eg., Partition Magic, make the other partition active and the first one hidden

    3. Install Vista

    4. Use third party boot manager to boot whatever OS you like. The third party boot manager automaticly sets the two partitions hidden/active.

    This way you can have even three Os installed, each one on it's indepandent primary partition. Now, in case of anything you still have the access to one partition (or two part. if you installed three OS's)

    I used this scenario with xp/win2000 installations and it worked great.

    Now, my question is if this scenario is possible with Vista is installed.

    I managed to do this using SPFDisk. But I installed its boot manager to floppy. Don't know if it would work if installed to MBR.

    Any suggestion is welcome.

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