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  1. Yes, it support USB boot but from HD or other devices but flash USB not working so that i'm looking for update for my BIOS.
  2. Thanks for reply. i check the motherboard website and find this. i also check the BIOS in the page of motherboard and i can't find if the upgrade will add feature of USB storage boot up or not !! :/
  3. Is BIOS upgrade will add the feature to boot from USB storage device? I have Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG and i google a lot but can't find either the update or the info about USB add feature. Hope that anyone can help Thanks in advance
  4. How to send picture in an email composer area without attachment? I want to send email with image like gif, jpeg,... etc. but i am not able to paste any image in text box. I have seen some emails with images that is with image. How will i do it please suggest. I don't want to attach a image file. i tried Place the picture someplace on the web. Go to the picture and right click on it and copy. Do not copy the link, copy the picture. Now go to the email body or signature and paste it. The picture must remain on the web since a link is used and not the actual picture --> Don't work. I write the topic this the iamges that i need in the Office then copy all and paste in the mail (i use Compose messages as color and graphics mode)--> Don't work Any ideas!!
  5. Yeah sometime if i download Real Media files i decode them to traditional formats like .mp3 for audio and .mpg or .wmv for video.
  6. The only advantage the Real format give is small size.
  7. @ Arie, Oh no man i was asking about Winamp again as there is a player called crystal Player that is not free but it support to play all the media foramts also there is a plugin to play media format and Winamp can add this plugin to its package as a users contributions and in this case i think there will be no legal validation.
  8. Yeah. I get it now Thanks a lot for all helps
  9. Hi all, I sit on a PC which don't have and Sound speakers connected to it and when i'm going to YouTube to watch a video ( i forget that there isn't any sound speaker) when the video finish i notice that there isn't and sound speaker. Yeah there is a sound card installed and its drive is also installed but no speakers. I search on the PC case and i found that the voice is coming from the PC speaker!! i also try to play songs (.mp3) with WMP and it work !! also can control the sound volume using the Sound and Audio Devices in the Control Panel !! You may say that the Sound Card have a speaker installed on it. If it was the PC that i sit on it has a built in sound card and one of 5 PC all from the same type (Dell) also the same shape. I really get amazed from this PC and i search over the internet but i find that Microsoft allow .wav sound to play on Windows 95 and 98 using PC speaker also i can't get it to work (i'm using Windows XP and the PC that i try it using Windows XP) remeber that i play .mp3 not .wav a lone. !! Any idea ?!!
  10. Thanks a lot it cleared now but Why don't Winamp support don't support real format? may be as you say that they need a License for that !!
  11. NO I post this topic as i don't know why Microsoft don't support real formats? as there are a lot of player that do this job. i don't wanna to make any software patents
  12. I don't think that a lot of players spread everywhere over the internet pay to Real to support real format. for example check Windows Media Classic, Crystal Player, JetAudio... etc
  13. That is right for Microsoft but Why Real support Microsoft formats in Real Player?! if it was a domination problem on the market. Also Why Winamp don't support real format?! Winamp don't have its format so why not support?! The most thing that i like Real format is its small size comparing to other formats also real format is good with streaming. (Flash also is good)
  14. Hi all, I'm wonder why Microsoft don't let WMP play real media format. Is Microsoft don't know how? i doubt that as there a lot of player that can play all media format! Is there is any agrement between Microsoft and Real Compnay? and if it there Why Real company let Real Media Player play all the format including those of Microsoft? Also i notice that Winamp don't support Media format!!! P.S.I know there is a codec (Real Alternative) that can let real format to run with WMP.
  15. Hi all, i get a new Kingston flash driver and i wanna to install U3 on it. I dunno is there is a specific USB that support U3 or any flash driver can be used as U3 also Can i use ScanDisk U3 launchpad on it or it will going to damage it?
  16. Hi all, How can i use cmd to extract a specific value form the registry? i know that cmd can extract key from registry using reg export KeyName FileName but i don't wanna to extract the whole key i wanna a specific value only.
  17. I'm going to learn HOW to write the boot sector so i really don't know where i should start! or what will i need! Any ideas?!!
  18. Thanks a lot it is workign btw Where i can learn cmd prompts?
  19. Hi all, I wanna to know how i can make up one level using cmd script as i have .cmd file and i wanna it to search for file reside in folder one level form the folder where .cmd in Main folder |___ Folder 1 |___ .cmd file |___ Folder 2 |___ file required to check for it. btw, the path for Main folder get changed from user to another. How this action done?!
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