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  1. There is RAID & AHCI, if u just have singal hds (not in raid) then select AHCI its the bottem one i beleave, if u have 2 drives raided to make 1 hard drive then select RAID. =) Traz
  2. Hi, i have to same mobo this is the driver i use.. attached below, when using nlite.. open the file "iastor" the other files are used so dont delete them Traz AHCI.zip
  3. Hi, This is my nlited XP Pro .. when installed i use about 36 to 38mb of memory thats with out frivers installed... Hope this helps in your nliting fun PS: This is a pretty striped down xp but it does everything i use it for.. havent had any probs so far Traz LAST_SESSION.INI
  4. Hi, Yes the shell service is in the Components list, i allso use a clean source every time i nlite. I have a windows xp pro cd with sp1a so i have nlited sp2 in to it and saved it to the hard drive.. then i nlite it after that so i have have to keep adding sp2 do u think that could be it.. :S i will give it a try after work but i dont think it happend before doing it that way :S Traz
  5. Hi, No i have made quite a few, beginning from the early betas.. just resently 1.2 onwards i have had this prob i think.. do u think it has something to do with jet database? thats the only thing i can think i have removed since then Traz
  6. Hi all, I have had this prob for awhile where my DVD-RW is showing up as a CD-Drive in my comp, I cant seem to work out what it is.. if some one can help me that would be great.. i have added my session to help =) Traz LAST_SESSION.INI
  7. Hi, i had suggested this before and got no replys lol iv got an entry for the time format.. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International] "sTimeFormat"="h:mm:ss" id love to see these both added to nlite Traz
  8. Hi, Do u have an abit mobo? if so it might be the uguru micro chip i get the same prob with my install of xp. if u do.. install uguru software from abit it will install the driver for it. Traz
  9. Hi, Im wondering if this reg entry can be added to nlite? Its to change ur location and time format setings this would help with unattended setups. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International] "sTimeFormat"="h:mm:ss" <- Change to what format u like eg. H:mm:ss, HH:mm:ss. [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\International\Geo] "Nation"="12" <- Change the numbers to ur contury (i can make a list on whitch number is what contury if needed) 12 is Australia What do u think nuhi? Traz Regional.reg
  10. Hi, Im geting some errors in my setuperr.txt My session.ini is attached I allso get the same errors in win xp pro 32bit.. Anyone have an idea what it is? I never got it with nlite 1.2.1 LAST_SESSION.INI
  11. Im also having problems with the tweak Removing "Shared Documents" from "My Computer" iv added my last session if it helps at all.. Iv mentioned this before.. Timezone. when i set my zone (perth) it always goes back to default when installing windows, not sure if its something iv done.. Traz Last_Session.ini
  12. Hey, Hope this helps.. Create a new DWORD value named "NoChangeStartMenu", and set the new value to equal "1" to enable the restriction or "0" to disable the restriction. Registry Settings: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\ Explorer] Value Name: NoChangeStartMenu Data Type: REG_DWORD (DWORD Value) Value Data: (0 = disable restriction, 1 = enable restriction) Traz *EDIT* Opps.. my bad hehe bit to late seemed to work for me..
  13. That would help hehe Im just thinking it would be better to work with all the files up to date before removing anything (which adds features and langs to the install) then only removing the langs and features which come with SP2. If that makes sense hehe Traz *EDIT* Is there any chance remote access (remote desktop) can be removed Allso with RMV update pack installed theres a folder in windows DIR (Network Diagnostic) its a program for checking your network connection for problems seems kind of use less if u ask me lol. Tweak requests.. Unload dll's from memory Disable Performance logs (Reg files added below) Disable_Performance_logs.reg Unload_Dll_s.reg
  14. Hi all, Ok i dont know if this can be done... Can you change nlite to intergrate update packs after service packs and before component removal. I my self run nlite once to intergrate SP2 and RVM update pack, then again to remove components and set my tweaks. (im not sure if other ppl do this to hehe) If i run nlite once to intergrate SP2, Update pack, component removal and tweaks, it leaves langs behind when i run nlite again, which i beleave the update pack adds langs to the windows install. Hope this makes sense *EDIT* Are theses services able to be added for removel ProtectedStorage Security Accounts Manager SSDP Discovery Service Traz
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